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Hello, ThacoBell! We apologize for the absence, I've been kind of busy, but we still look at messages (I'm personally kind of bad at replying so I leave them for later and... yeah haha). We're very happy and glad you enjoyed the game, and we really appreciate you took the time to leave us a message on your feelings regarding the game :] We'll let harmonicblend you enjoyed the music ^q^ Regarding the puzzle stuff, feeback like this help us improve the game as we'll update it sometime. So many thanks again for leaving us a message :]

Hello! This is quite the late reply, and you might already found the answer already, but I'll reply in case other people stumble with this message.

To transfer your saves to Steam, you'll need to either do so while the game is running OR temporarily disable Steam Cloud. 

Take your save files from the "www\folder" they were in before (if you're using Windows) and copy them to "[Steam Install]/SteamApps/common/HEARTBEAT/www/save"

This is SUPER LATE REPLY!! But for anyone who's wondering, you can scan Sirens in Flexo's Platinum Circuit.

Thank you NyxUlrich for taking the time to leave us your lovely message and for playing the game!!

Hi! For the moment it's not possible, sadly!

SUPER late reply, thank you so much rigning!! ; _ ; We hope you had a nice year so far!! <3 

Incredibly late reply, but no, we don't have plans for a mobile version!

Hi, gasst, sorry for the late (and short) reply. I don't really quite know what to say because I'm bad with words but your message made everyone at Chumbosoft very happy ; - ; Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us such a lovely comment ♥ Stuff like this keeps us going and doing our best for future projects. Thank you!!

It means a lot to hear that, sneakyfletcher ^q^ <3 HEARTBEAT is just the product of lots of love, care, and the things we like, what we liked from RPGs from our childhood, and stuff like that!

We hope you had a lovely Christmas yourself :]

Thank you Thaco!! We hope you had a lovely Christmas!

Sorry for the extremely late reply! We're very happy you liked the game; I'm personally very proud and happy  to see the game getting so many compliments from nice people ; _ ; Thank you so much!!

That's very odd :[ Mac's quite finicky and to be honest, none of us has a mac so troubleshooting is kind of hard to do u_u also i hope you downloaded the Windows version in the Windows partition! There was a user who played the Windows version on their mac through the index.html file and lost their saves because they were stored in the browser's cache @_@ 

No problem! Let me know if you have any more inquiries, and no, Jake won't give you his core u_u 

Hi SpookSpark! Try using your blue ghosty friend!

Hi gupjo! Sometimes Mac has troubles reading/writing the folder, just try unzipping the game folder somewhere where your mac can read it well, like the Desktop! It should work then :]

Hello Kirara! You have to go through the ship and find three items: The Boombox, the Soup, and the Gun Repellent. When you encounter Pengy Crunch'n without the items, you have to use Tate's skill "Tate Escape"; when you do have all those items, you have to use them in order to defeat Pengy Crunch'n.

Hi! Sorry for the late reply, Ingress Path is that area that's initially guarded by a snowverian hunter when you first go through Arctario Cave.

Ahaha I can relate to that very well :] We hope you have fun!

Hi, Leviathanos! As much as we'd like to, at the time is not possible u _ u) thanks for the lovely compliments!

Hi! You can find the steam key if you go to your purchase page on (it has to be through the web, not through the app), and if you go at the bottom (past the Download buttons), you'll find an option that reads "Generate Steam Key".

Thank you, Dt3r! For the support and spreading the game with your friends :]

No problem, Lady Lily!! We're always available at our Twitter too ^<^)

Thank you so much NineTailedFox! We really appreciate the support ^<^) We hope you have fun playing the game!!

Thank you Lady Lily for the congrats! ^<^) And also thank you for letting us know

we'll edit/delete your comment though because we think it's counter productive to link the site here u _ u We appreciate you telling us though!!

Oops my bad! Last update we did was v1.1, which is the newest version that came along Steam; but yeah the patch notes are pending for now!

We'll be working on Steam changelogs soon; for now they're all miscellaneous bug fixes.

Thank you ThacoBell!!

Thank You for the support! :D

Hello! We're very happy to hear that! :]

If you purchased the game here, go to your itch library, check the download page, and at the bottom there should be a "Generate Steam Key" button.

It's in the works :] thank you!

Hello, Xarcolt! Yes, the demo still has crash issues, but we will be uploading a new version sometime without the crashes :]

We're very happy you enjoyed the demo! We're 3 people at CHUMBOSOFT, and we used RPG Maker MV. Thanks for the kind words ^<^

Hello! Sometimes Mac has troubles reading/writing the folder, just try putting the game folder somewhere where your mac can read it well, like the Desktop! It should work then :]

Hi! Those who already bought the game on can get the soundtrack from harmonicblend's bandcamp, or as a DLC from Steam, for 7USD (in both places they are the same price).

Fresh players will be able to buy the game and the OST as a bundle for 20USD on Steam :]

Dont worry about asking questions that have already been answered! Let me know if you have any other inquiries!

Glad you were able to get through the puzzle and you found it fun :D Let us know if you have any inquiries!

That is one of the issues we have on the itch app actually; we're gotta figure out how updates work so it doesn't make users re-download the whole game everytime there's a new update, and even then, it was giving users weird errors/freezing. Plus, manual updating is way faster :]

Hi! No, Patchv1.09a contains a hotfix to some bugs in the post-game dungeon and other miscellanous fixes. We still haven't looked into the compatiblity with the itch app.

In order to update the game when standalone, all you have to do is download the Latest Patch, and copy paste its contents into the game's folder.

Hi! We're happy you're enjoying the game so far!

This is the only puzzle in the game that has no reset button - once you start it, theres no going back. They're not important items anyway, the chests that you're missing only had a Familiar Perfume (+50 Beat recovery item), and a Sugar Bun (+50 Pulse recovery item) in them.

No problem! Let me know if you have any other inquiry, I'd be more than happy to help.

Hi! I apologize for the late reply; I'd advise that, as soon as you crash with with first switch, you mash the skill button , and change directions while she's revving up. As long as you activate the skill right after you crash with the switch (hence why mashing the skill button is recommended), there should be enough time to do it.

If you still have trouble, don't hesitate to contact me on the Discord server, or PM me on Discord directly if that is more comfortable to you (Sil#0579)

Hello! We're aware of this issue and its fix will be available on the next patch; however, if you'd like, you can send me your save on our Discord Server, or send it through PM to me (Sil#0579), and I will fix that for you manually.