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Silly Green Critter

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Are you a child?

Can you make a jumpscare pack of all the other games?

Someone's mad that somebody else has something to say lmao

You have to fix this game for browser use

The game is good but keeps crashing on floor 2 when when I have all 5 notebooks and 1 elevator

It is pretty well done, although it is a little laggy, still good job with it. Also nice merch.


Which doom are the grey skulls that explode green from?

very cool game

I can't tell if I have unlocked it or not since the sound for you to push the left or right arrow key doesn't seem to change for me

I think the safe is broken because there is no differ in the pitch and when I think I have it, the light turns red.

Blud you look ugly as hell

This is a really fun alternative if you don't have a PC

bro deadass speaking minecraft


You are now dumbass

I will

beat night 5

Bro is donda

Blud no slizzy on cuh slime blud babes I live there like no kizzy on jah no bluua

Is this real?

what happened to the website i dont want to play this on itch


The way you open the safe is push either left or right and keep pushing it until you hear a higher pitch and when you do, push the opposite key and keep doing that until the light turns green, then push the up key

OK, thanks

I can not figure out how to open the safe

where can I get the soundtrack the first song is so fire

LapaMauve, you need to update this game a lot dude. It is one of the best browser games and no more work is being done to it anymore? Why?

 what engine did you use to make this game I want to make a game like this when I get a better computer

this game is fun

Ok I just wanted to know if the game was still being worked on no matter the speed or if it wasn't being updated

does the game still get updated

will the "demo" update or do you need to download