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This is by far the best pack yet (of this series)!

I'm still hammering out all the game mechanics, so I haven't been able to work on level design yet. But don't worry, as soon as I do, this will be one of the first!

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Yet again, I am lost for words.

I'll keep this short, sweet and to the point.

The asset pack is great! I used some parts in my game mechanic demo ( and I intend to use them for my castletown as I move foreward.

Thanks for making this possible!

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When writing this comment, I couldn't find the words to properly describe how amazing this sounds.

I used an ambience track in my game mechanic demo ( , and I intend to use the other tracks as I move forward.

Thank you so much for this breathtaking asset!

I just released the mechanic demo if you want to test out the game mechanics!

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Thanks for this! It has saved me sooo much time, and tought me tons along the way!

You can download my game mechanic demo here:

thanks again!

Absolutely AMAZING asset! Totally using in my game! (I'm still working on the demo, will update when available)

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These sword packs look amazing!

I want to encorperate them into my game (no demo currently, will update when able). My character's sword looks a little flimsy, and if I can get it to fit, these would do great!

Thanks for expanding my expectations beyond that which I thought possible!

If not, no worries, I can try to make my own.

Thanks so much!!! This asset pack is exactly what i've been looking for!!! 

I do have a question: it doesn't seem to contain a jump_sword animation, just wondering if it is in there and i missed it or if it's not.

Thanks again for the INCREDIBLE assets!!!