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This gave me the creeps as first of all I hate people following me, I hate walking alone at night, especially into the forest, and being reminded how I take out the trash every night I need to run back inside or else the monster will catch me.

*starts at 6:27 if you want to watch!

That was a very short demo, enjoyed it though but I really wish there was more added. I honestly can't wait for the full game!

*starts at 2:37

No lie that was actually terrifying to deal with, I'm gonna have to play this on my own time to beat it!

This game reminds me so much of P.T., wish it was a lot longer because I enjoyed what I had to go through (even though I was getting scared.

With my video I added a theme/story to another game, and added my own sound effects/music to help the game stand out more/feel creepy.

Here is my video if anyone would like to watch it (I worked hard on it)

Hey dev I enjoyed this game and with my video I decided to tell a story about what happened before he went unconscious and what happened right after. I added some of my voice lines to the dialogue and added music to help with the atmosphere. Honestly wish it was longer but the jump scares got me.

Here is my video if anyone wants to check it out (worked hard on it)

am I really getting downvotes when I put in work compared to other creators? This was made to help the environment and the feel for the game.

Hey DEV since there isn't any sound effects to the game I went ahead and crafted my video over 4 hours worth of editing to add my own sound effects to help your game out. 

This was a lot of hard work and so if anyone checks out my video then please leave some feedback!

This was honestly great but I did start to get bored later on, great idea but just need more to it, like music in the background, some jumpscares and maybe a sequence without the teddy bear. 

I went ahead and did a video on it, added my own music and fit the theme of my video of a VHS style.

Thank you to anyone who watches it!

Hey dev, I enjoyed this old style looking for things to complete the puzzle, the only problem I have with it, is that it's too short.

 I made a video on it to fit the theme of the VHS vibe. Hope anyone who sees this enjoys!

This was a great introduction to the world of Slenderman even though it's been years since it was popular.

Was made really well and gave me some spooks n jumps but there were some spelling errors and a little bit of bugs I came across.

For my video I made a great intro to add some lore (even though it's not part of yours) and added some music to fit the theme. Hopefully you (dev) enjoy this and others too who take their time to watch!

I love this simple game! With your game I added to the theme with another game related to yours/mandela catalogue.

Hopefully my intro and outro helped out with the theme. As I put in a lot of effort!

Here's my video if anyone wants to check it out!

Hey this was great! Just wish it was longer, due to that I had to play 2 games related to the mandela catalogue. 

Hopefully my intro and outro helped out with the theme.

Here's my video if anyone wants to check it out!

Bro your videos are funny, the more comedy vibe from my serious tone, you got them views and an audience. It's no disrespect but I just see it as rude on the game devs part to spam you know?

Damn bro gotta call you out, how many times you gotta post your link in this games' threads? 

Hey everyone, I have a conspiracy (or 2) about this whole town (SPOILER

- This town is full of mass murders who need a garbage man to pick up their "pieces" and all the garbage men/women agree to clean up the evidence

- Or this garbage man is the only murderer who kills people then disposes them in the truck, then the crematorium. 

I'm more leaning to my first theory.

Anyways sorry to self promo here, I went ahead and played this game and added my own music/sound effects to help the games atmosphere. 

If anyone sees this then please add on to the conspiracy, and maybe... check out my video!

Hey DEV, that was a nice experience, really off on the ending but the atmosphere felt good/creepy. I added some music to fit the background. If anyone wants to check out the video then here's my link (5 mins long) 

God I love this, rides in the same category as Fears 2 Fathom. Can't wait to be apart of this games future with you next chapters!

Here's a link to my video if anyone new wants to get the feel for the games atmosphere. 

Hey DEV, loved everything about this, however there was this one glitch I ran into with my video but other than that I had no problems. In my video I went ahead and added a lot of sound effects/music to improve the atmosphere to make it seem happy, then terrifying. Here's my video if anyone wants to watch it! 

Hey DEV I really enjoyed your game as the atmosphere/sound effects were pretty terrifying , my only problem though was the intro being too long and there was a spelling mistake in the settings menu. Anyways here's my gameplay if anyone wants to check it out! 

Hey DEV I really enjoyed this game and the atmosphere, it helped with my editing skills to make it creepier with my added sound effects/music. If anyone wants to check it out (about 6 minutes) then here is my version!

Hey DEV I enjoyed your game! Love the simplicity. I went ahead and added sound effects / music that fit the theme and to help out with the atmosphere. Here's my let's play if you wanna watch it!

This is a late post but here is my playthrough of the game, literally posted the same time Markiplier did this game too. 

Anyways thank you developer for the culture and the history you put in the game, I love the Spanish culture.


I really enjoyed this game, in 7 days you made this? Amazing. I would love to revisit this game in the Future if you added more levels (which would fit real well with the lore). 

If you have a discord server or Twitter please reply to me as I wanna follow and keep contact with you.

Anyways I made a video on it and did something cool with the intro if anyone wants to check it out!

Enjoyed the game! It reminds me of those flash games from back then like Addicting Games. Wish there was more to it! 

If you have a discord server please let me know so I can join it!

Glad to play your game DEV and thanks for the Email. I hope in future updates you add more around the quality in zombies, (fix that one problem I dealt with), and whatever your imaginative mind can come up with. This is much better than COD Vanguard Zombies lmao. Best wishes to your full release!

First time buying a house and I chose this one! Love the beautiful designing, the walls are immaculate and a lot of spacing! Can't wait to grow up in this house with a wife and kids, I'm sure they'll love it!

I don't think I could live on my own making the choices I made in this game, very horrifying .

Thank you for your response, I'll keep my eye out for the full game and will give a review again once it's out! Good-luck on your full release!

Hey DEV I enjoyed this game because it brings me back to the WII Play Tanks game. Although not being exactly a like I do however enjoy the mechanics, not really a big fan of the jumping part but everything else I love. I do have a problem with how I try to go to the settings it constantly goes back to the menu so I basically can't test out what my PC can handle. Scrolling through the menu is a bit confusing and difficult.

Hey DEV I went ahead and checked out your game since you seem to just release it and I got to say it was a nice experience but I have some feedback to give. First the bad, I don't like how I can barely see the papers and were hard to find, second I would recommend finding a different model for the monster just so it can fit the theme of your game and the monster can just go through doors which makes it hard to escape. The good is that the mechanics are very smooth especially the taser. Overall I enjoyed the experience and hope you do more in the future and get better at development.

Here is my gameplay of your game.

Hey DEV I really enjoyed the style of your game with stunning graphics but I would like the critique on the lack of settings to the game like being able to change audio or brightness. I also couldn't figure out how to go back to the main menu or change up graphical settings while playing the game. Anyways here a video of my playthrough if anyone is interested!

Hi again, I played it again and it was a lot better. Thank you for taking feedback from the people and I hope you expand upon this game.

Here are a few suggestions though for the future.

  • Checkpoints
  • Instead of the ghost coming to kill you have it just be a jump scare and maybe at some point if you aren't careful you could die.
  • Expanded areas
  • Faster time to use the camera light
  • lore
  • and whatever others come up with

I wish the best for your game and upcoming games. Thank you again.

Thank you for being a responsible developer and listening to the community. I will gladly play your game again as soon as possible and will give it another review on this thread. 

Hey DEV I just made a video on your game with some critiques.

First I wanna get started with my frustrations: In my playthrough I got very annoyed with the ghost A.I. constantly camping me and not moving, or whenever I need to progress to the next area the ghost doesn't wanna say Hi. Another Issue is the constant dying then going back to the very beginning. (If you want to get more of my negative feedback then go to the end of my video)

The Positives I have with this game is that I really, really love the atmosphere, the camera mechanics and the art style. I see a lot of promises in your game but with the changes I suggest in my video it would make it a lot better.

Overall if you do update this game then I will give it another shot and change my opinion.


Hey DEVS (@Tudypie & @TheBlindEye) I came back to see how things were going on with your game and I see that you have made improvements. I am impressed with the changes y'all have made and I am glad to see the passion still going strong. Keep up the great work! 

P.s. fuck you for that new jump scare, totally did that expect that XD

Hey DEV, I wanted to say that I enjoyed the old-style PS1 horror theme. I do have a few critiques by saying it wasn't very scary but some parts (like the car) did make me jump. Yes I had a creepy sense to it but I wish you added more to it instead of just like "walk around and touch items" with no real lore to the reason as to why I need to get those items. Overall I enjoyed it and so with my video I added some background noise/music to fill the forest atmosphere. Come check it out if you want!

Hey DEV I really enjoyed your game! I added some music to add to this horror. SO many times I got jump scared and felt uncomfortable

Hey DEVS I just played your game and had a little Review on it if you'd like to check it out! In short the problem I had was the Monster being stuck and camping me and the door being a little clunky. Overall this was an enjoyable experience! Here is my take on it:

Hope to see more from you in the future!