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good design but impossible to play. The guards hear your footsteps and the stick is too short for you to be able to hit the guards without dying immediatly. Would be a lot better if there was a mechanic that let you be completly silent to the robbers if you walked super slow. 

hey, my game closed but not before showing these weird images in game. First it showed 2 rectangles that were orange and bage. It was small on my screen but then it got bigger with a red tint and a whooping noise played. Anyone know what this is?


Good game, Lots of grinding and a slow battle animations bring the game down a little but it's good. Hope theres an update.

I'm only getting a picture of a laptop, I can't seem to get it to work for some reason

So what do you mean by pages? In a average book a page is 250 words but a page in word is 800 words. What do you mean?