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Aw, that sounds really cool! ^-^ Thanks for taking the time to answer my question, I know your super busy with the game.

Hi! Just a quick, curious question if you have the time. What effect do pets have to the game? Like, will it make any difference to your lover and his dialogue?

Finally going to pre-order the full game tonight! I'm soooo excited for the full game to be released, you guys have done awesomely on this game! I might just end up re-playing the demo through a few more times while I wait :)

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If Haato were to bottom, would the picture change? Like would it be Haato's point of view looking up at whoever his love interest is? I'm just soooo excited for this game, I can't help but wonder what all its feature will be like. You guys are doing awesome!

Sooooon my preciouuusss *Golum voice*

Do you guys have any idea on around what time the full game will come out for those who pre-order it?? No pressure or anything, I love the demo. I'm just curious so I know if I need to hurry and pre-order or not. Thanks!

Aw, well, I hope it doesn't end up too much higher, I don't know if I could afford it if it was.

Hi! Your game looks awesome, you guys are doing a great job on it. The trailer is especially cute and funny. I have a question though, will it still be $28.99 when it comes out in June? Or is that just the pre-order price??