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BFF doesn't seem like my type of game, but I would back Thorns of War in a heartbeat. I loved The first one.

The game is large, so I understand that there will be some bugs after release. But there are bugs and there are BUGS. Sadly REH have rather huge bugs at the moment. I've replayed game five times and got either killed or received some rather messy ending, that didn't seem to correspond with my actions. New patches seem to fix some issues, while introducing new ones. I'm slightly disappointed so far, but the game itself has amazing atmosphere and storyline, so I'm still hoping for some final fix.

Wow ;) Jestem zaskoczona widząc rodzimą grę BL.

Will it be available on Steam?

I've played the first one on Steam and LOVED IT. I'm so excited for sequel. Good luck! <3

You need to go out during week-days, go to the hotel (ALONE) and then buy costumes. You can't buy them during date.

You need to have a blindfold. I think you get it by completing mission for the guy next to TV station (the blond one or the guard, I don't remember exactly). Then just visit him and it triggers. For me it triggered before Haato and Hikaru even had sex, so there's no requirement like number of sex or bottoming/topping.

They react differently to specific phrases and have different chibi animations from time to time - at least that's what I've gathered. Haato is pretty much always the one with full control over situation. 

Hi ^^ Is there a possibility to add 7 days skipping time? It would be nice to skip between date-days. 10 days is a bit too much.

You should focus on "romantic" content right away though. Don't ignore voice acting gigs, but also don't leave romance till later, because you'll end up missing a lot of events.

In my experience, he usually shows up on Saturday. He doesn't show up every week though, if I remember correctly there is usually a week break between his events. I may be wrong though, since I've played quite a lot since going after him :P

When is Kei suppose to call you? I've waited few months after meeting him, but still no contact. 

Quick question. Does character's sexual preference has impact on CGs or generally sex scenes in the future? I'm curious how much does it actually change (I know about chibis, but beyond that).

If you would feel uncomfortable with that, I won't push :) I will postpone playing for now though. I took me a week to get through Shiba route, so I don't really want to repeat that.

I know all those things you've listed. I've finished one route already. It's just boring to do the same thing every time with only a little bit of help instead of having all cheats available. I'm playing another route with full voice acting skills and it's still a chore. I just wish someone would share 100% save file.

Agreed! I actually like stat raising games a lot, but going through the same thing twice is boring, especially since there are so many stuff to take care of. 

Is there any way to activate all cheats at once without finishing each guy's route? I know you get one cheat per best ending, but replaying the same sections of the game for the second time is honestly tiring. Maybe somebody has 100% save file already? 

Hi ^^ Does anyone know where the save location is?