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Congratulations on release! Btw it's also my birthday today 😄

many friends of mine fail to run the game after patch 0.3.3... only godot robot is displayed

Yay I tried new patch today and beat the 3rd boss (in the backrooms)  for the first time! 🎉🎉And thank you for your consideration about i18n ~v~ 

Only 1 bug today: 

  • When trading with NPCs, put any item in the trade slot and left-click it while pressing 'z' can generate 1 duplicate item on the ground 
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Wow thank you for your kind reply!! Can't wait to see the new patch lol

  • That explains a lot 'cause my laptop screen is 1920*1080... thankfully it doesn't matter.
  • Ohh sorry I overlooked that... I plays games like nethack and adom a lot and they use characters to choose from  inventory. Almost forgot what a normal modern game looks like. My bad... Aaand yes, I've checked the Controls menu :) Just not used to clicking repeatedly to attack ~v~
  • 🙏
  • ahaha not very familiar with drones...
  • Pityful while understandable. Save file management is terrible I can hardly imagine especially for such an open-world game with so many different elements...

Btw today I came across some other bugs(no crashes though, luckily):

  • Right-click guns & bombs didn't close inventory subwindow
  • Drone sensors still worked and showed enemies' defence & resistance even after drones themselves were broken
  • Offensive drones actively attacked lead engineers and died very soon... is that normal?
  • Right-click ancient modernization only gave the exact token while the insight token went missing

It's nice talking to you like this!

Edit 1: Oh I was wondering if there would be some kind of localization someday? One of my roguelike friends was curious about your game but not capable of reading so many English texts... 

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Fun game! One of few steampunk roguelikes I have ever seen, and definitely one of their best! So complete I almost forgot it's still a demo! The death-loop narrative makes me think of Hades, the gameplay is enjoyable as Pixel Dungeon, and the design of utilities and cogwheels is more than featured! Hope to see more updates :)

Besides in my 4-hour playing there were some bug and... suggestions maybe?

  • game window is a bit larger than my laptop monitor and there's no way to adjust it..
  • maybe pure keyboard mode or something? feel weird about having to play roguelikes with mouse
  • another problem with mouse is that after clicking a tile far away, the PC will go towards it non-stop, regardless of enemies and attacks, and it's hard to tell him not do so... often causes YASDs. Maybe let him move only one step at a time when enemy spotted. like ToME4 or Cogmind do...?
  • one fatal error, looks like a memory leak... not sure what to do about it. The screenshot is here(along with logs in description):
  • some (de)buffs without descriptions... I have no idea what 'Marked' does
  • no 'save & quit' button...

Overall, thank you so much for such nice work! I really enjoy it!

Edit: the conversations and stories are humorous too burst out laughing several times

Edit 2: oh btw the '01010101' death effect seems not very steampunk but kind of cyberpunk instead

Edit 3: drone went thru wall and then stuck in it...screenshot:

Edit 4: it went back (thru wall)


wonder if there would be more reactions like, "drag baba into the recyclebin icon -> baba falls into the recycle bin"

also maybe it's better to add some kind of outline? baba now turns invisible in white backgrounds


btw the error log is here:

Well I hate to mention it but I cannot run the Windows version of your wonderful and thrilling game QvQ. The .exe window always shows me a great bunch of ERRORs, the game window stuck at the Godot opening and both just quit. I wonder if there's any solution to it...

Excellent game with simple but solid game design and beautiful ascii asethetic! 76 tries before I could finish the journey > < Very addictve

Only that the game crashes frequently in either me or my friends' Windows pc... (Even at the moment when I just beat the game and saw the victory screen, which frightened me a lot)

I wonder if this could be fixed...

Anyway, thank you developers again for bringing such wonderful game experience!

Great game! Yet i wonder whether there would be a downloadable file... try to download the github repo, only to get a bunch of "Failed to execute 'texImage2D' on 'WebGL2RenderingContext': The image element contains cross-origin data, and may not be loaded." errors. QAQ


Fail to pay for it with paypal...wonder why :(