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Neat game!  And I'd agree with most of the suggestions in this video. Build on what you already have~

I didn't see that end coming!  I liked it~  Had me on edge for so much of it.

Ahhhhh.   Very good.  I was on my toes the whole time.  Got me good in the first half thinking it was all story and no death...   Creepy, scurry, good story, and I actually really, really liked the addition of Preethi and the interface there.  Nice touch~  Awesome job dev.  And Wild, you're probably okay.  <3

It's not really that sort of game.  It's very scenic and artistic with horror themes.   Give it a try~

He's been very excited about this.  
Awesome job~  I like the bird sounds.  Freaky.

Yes!  Continue to torture WildRozen with your glorious creations~  His suffering amuses me as much as your games!

Happy to see him again!   Twas creepy, very good job.

I jumped every time she screamed...  I'm ashamed...

The voices tho~
Nice job!

That was awesome.  "Short horror game."  Too modest!  There's so much to see and explore, the lore.. man!

I really enjoyed seeing Wild play, he's my go-to for seeing things played and this was quite great~  First game!  <3  Awesome.

Looking forward!

It was chilling...  I have to say I'm excited to see what the other chapters hold as well!

Very nice design for the monster~  I saw Subway exists and that you're working on another.  I told Wild and will be pressuring him to play them as well.

Very entertaining! I also enjoyed the floaty alien out in space!

I hate hospitals... and this game only encourages the terror in my heart.  </3  very well done.  I hate it so much.  T_T

Very unsettling...  VA was definitely superb.

I was anxious the whole way through! Great game!

Cool experience.  Enjoyed how things were revealed~

I didn't expect what was beyond that door!  Awesome~

The wiggling!  So cute

I was so tense the whole time....   good job, really.

He cheated!  Not.  

Sound effects were really cool.  I love how the game uses a lot of nostalgic canon stuff.  All the headstones, the sounds.  Marvelous~

Even when you know exactly what's going to happen it'll still make you jump.  Nice~

I really enjoyed it!