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Oh my I enjoyed watching this game so much.  The panic during some of the waves was priceless.   It's fantastic.


Neat game!  And I'd agree with most of the suggestions in this video. Build on what you already have~

I didn't see that end coming!  I liked it~  Had me on edge for so much of it.

Ahhhhh.   Very good.  I was on my toes the whole time.  Got me good in the first half thinking it was all story and no death...   Creepy, scurry, good story, and I actually really, really liked the addition of Preethi and the interface there.  Nice touch~  Awesome job dev.  And Wild, you're probably okay.  <3

It's not really that sort of game.  It's very scenic and artistic with horror themes.   Give it a try~

He's been very excited about this.  
Awesome job~  I like the bird sounds.  Freaky.

Yes!  Continue to torture WildRozen with your glorious creations~  His suffering amuses me as much as your games!

Happy to see him again!   Twas creepy, very good job.

I jumped every time she screamed...  I'm ashamed...

The voices tho~
Nice job!

That was awesome.  "Short horror game."  Too modest!  There's so much to see and explore, the lore.. man!

I really enjoyed seeing Wild play, he's my go-to for seeing things played and this was quite great~  First game!  <3  Awesome.

Looking forward!

It was chilling...  I have to say I'm excited to see what the other chapters hold as well!

Very nice design for the monster~  I saw Subway exists and that you're working on another.  I told Wild and will be pressuring him to play them as well.

Very entertaining! I also enjoyed the floaty alien out in space!

I hate hospitals... and this game only encourages the terror in my heart.  </3  very well done.  I hate it so much.  T_T

Very unsettling...  VA was definitely superb.

I was anxious the whole way through! Great game!

Cool experience.  Enjoyed how things were revealed~

The wiggling!  So cute

I was so tense the whole time....   good job, really.

He cheated!  Not.  

Sound effects were really cool.  I love how the game uses a lot of nostalgic canon stuff.  All the headstones, the sounds.  Marvelous~

Even when you know exactly what's going to happen it'll still make you jump.  Nice~

I really enjoyed it!