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Hallo 123Kimo

How or where to get your health back?

Greetigs Silana


the game loads and loads but after 15 minutes i had enough of wiggling penis on black ground.

Can it be that this only works with windows 64 bit? school off love clubs runs great and has made me want more, unfortunately without success. because that can't be normal with such a long loading time.

Greetings Silana

Thank You  woult to test it nearley.

LG Silana

Are the old Fils in this version?

LG Silana

is it a windows 32 bit version or only 64 bit

LG Silana

not so good for my have only 32 bit thanks

Nice dann i  download it thanks.

Give it minevail a windows 32 bit version?

Give it a Windows 32bit version or only 64 bit

Is it a Windows  32 bit version or only 64 bit ?

LG Silana

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Habe das update 0.6.6 rutergeladen nur läst sich das  wie es scheint nur mit der version 0.6.3 verbinden nicht mit der 0.6.0 version die ich habe.und wenn man hier klickt kommtman  nur an die 6.6 nicht an die nngezeigt version  6.3

Mittlerweile habe ich die  vollversion  0.6,6 runtergeladen und die Saves eingefügt läuft jetzt echt schönes spiel mit guter geschichte.

LG Silana

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wath is with the Outpost 5  the elf says she made it on the map but nothing is there?

Have fund wahs in the mistery wood 2 days later.

Has settled had overlooked that the bartender has an offer in the meantime even as a

 Stripper so no more money worries

LG Silana


Wehr can i make Money in that Game

Nice Girls fast Gameplay an not to long talkinks also pefekt , go so again.

LG Silana

is it a Windos 10 /32bit version or only for 64 bit

Give it only a Windows 64bit version  i need it for the windows 32 bit version

wher is the

entre for the Akihabra hotel 

Wie bekommt man die  übersetzung ins spiel kopieren der übersetzung und einfügen hat nix gebracht .

LG silana

Unfortunately the DirektX package didn't help either the new insalation of OpenGL .Can it be that it only works with Windows 64 I have as stated above only the 32 versionWould be great if you would specify the minimum requirements like other games then something like this wouldn't happen.

Would be great if irgenteiner still has an idea about it would really like to play the game

LG Silana

give ever a Fatal Error DX verinon is 12 sorry for mistakes is not my languare i am  German

Hallo, The Game Cracht by start my system Windows10 32 bit

Hallo, Am pretty much at the end of the beautiful game  but now I am missing for the last 2 qeusts points 2  I have 8 I just need how do I get the .had always enough before there fore not paid attention from where if it is for sex so the problem is that there is no more the wants without points.

LG  Silana

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Hallo Alotsan und Herdone

After I read your Christmess eve game gelesn that starts the 2 part of the Headmaster I downloaded it and played through but in the Headmaster has nothing canged

 Except for Amy's 7 Qeust where I find it in the sports house but also there the reference to part 2 so that I can not do the qeust.

Everything else is done according to Qeustbook what can I do that it continues?

Can it be that the Headmaster with the Chirtmass eve must be overwritten or the Chritmass eve in the folder of the Headmaster should ?

LG Silana

Translated with (free version)

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Where is Emilia after she disappeared from the apartment? this is ready have fund her.

Second, at Sam's pool, she is asked to get a bathing suit, which is already in the inventory, but how do I give it to her?

Otherwise super story and makes great fun and great graphics!

Is all done bad Chaper 2 is not starting

Is all done bau Chaper 2 is not starting

Sorry is all okay was a Load Mistake

Isit normal das no musik no noise , totale silence is?

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Hello Altosan und Herdone

Have there times einge questions have the last version 0.9.2 and am with the second part actually finished.Stand at the time135 Grades,235 Disceplin and Popular 65.The qeusts have all stand below continues in the nearest part 8in the sense).when it goes on or is that not yet the full version.?And how many parts are there actually?

Addendum: had overlooked the rest of Rachel's Qeut,
only I hang there now already 6 game weeks to observe whether she rubs herself to sleep. Otherwise, no more Qeust is open, is there now close or goes on. As already said version 9.02

Game days 464 Grades 573,Discepline452,Poplaity 103.

Ansonten Super game which is really fun and has great people variety.

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