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Really glad to make you join! Your game idea sounds really fun actually.

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So I was wondering if there's someone else participating in this game-jam because it's been very silent here. This post is here to change that. If you're participating and-or have an idea you'd like to share, then I'm eager to hear it. Actually, even if you're just planing to join the jam I'd like you to speak up.

Since I'm the one asking something I go first:

I plan to make a game where you grow herbs and weeds to then sell them and (obviously) to earn money. While you do this very basic task you can extend your farm to reach even higher profit. All this is set in a 16-Bit 2D-Sidescroller world with brightful colours.

I'm really liking this so far. It's a fun little challange to solve, if only the transmission weren't so slow... But seriously, good work!