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Idle Bloodlines community · Created a new topic a problem
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this shit gets frozen with savegame breaking every time i'm about to get a relic so this is unplayable with a zealot char

simply delete the json and hjson folders

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you definitely should ask the guy who voiced Tracer Tong in the first Deus Ex to be the narrator for this game (yes i no that it's jp and not chn themed, who cares:) ).

i wouldn't dare to release 1.3 until dealt with the alpha channel of the interactive things...

ofcourse! thx

IMHO you should add mouseover tooltips ASAP on each icon, and only then add "100 new types of chairs" xD i don't like to start over the game 50 times just to learn 25 icons...

the toggle breaks on alttab

yeah. accidentally scrolled my mouse and found out about this. xD

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so i came to ruins went down and there is one small room only but i can hear the sounds from behind the walls. is this a bug or i 'll get a pickaxe later?

i really need key reassigning, cause jumping between Z and E is uncomfortable.