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I really love the food art, it makes me hungry haha.

I love Gwyn's character design and the backgrounds are so cute. I hope there's a sequel to see her again!

The art is very soft and aesthetic. I like how the mouse glides across the screen to objects. It's cool that there are several items you can click on. 

It's a cute and challenging game.

I found it relatable and comforting. The art is also very cute. Thanks for making this.

That was a quick game but it's sweet. Love the ending art.

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I like the art style and exploring different parts of the house. The only con I can think of is that the chasing scenes were really hard that I had to do them several times. The ending is pretty cute tho. Also Eugene <3

The jumpscares were terrifying but I enjoyed this game.

It was interesting. Art was cute.

I liked this so much. I love how your character can walk around and click on things. Making the clothes was interactive and fun (tho i am bad at the sewing part lol). I love the bonus art you see after making all the clothes. A bit confused but was wondering if the magical boy was aromantic?

It was interesting how this game talked about mental well being. Thanks for making this.

I wasn't frustrated but was laughing a lot during breaking the 4th wall. Teresa best girl lol.

Wow that was scary, the plot twist was interesting. 

This is simply too cute. I really like how this second game shows how the all 4 of their romantic relationship more. The extras were so cuteeee of the characters' past. I especially like the childhood meeting extra. Great for all the queer representation in this game.

Nothing is better than a zombie gf!

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This was really heartwarming. I love the romantic scenes between them. This is random but I really like how Felix's hair is drawn and has pink highlights. It's also really cute how Tris takes care of Felix when he feels overwhelmed. Spoilers below.

I really love the ending where Felix and Tris live on Earth. They seem so carefree and happy.

Nice ending is great. I love V's design and the pixel animations. I got 5/6 endings not sure if anyone found them all.

I really liked it. Sounds like a regular conversation I would have with a friend.

I love love this so much. The chibi art style is simply adorable. Also, their dates are really ksfjhewijk. Chinatsu best girl, but I liked the true end too.

This game is wonderfulllll. I've always wanted some gl isekai and they were so cute, especially the ending too. I love the artstyle and the pastel colors.

It was a short and nice game! Love the art and voice acting.

That was short but really cute!

Not gonna lie, Lemon seemed scary at first. But after playing, they are so cute.

This was fun. Interesting that Gary's choices affect her. I liked the art and colors.

Their conversation was so comforting and bittersweet (especially their personal dialogue). I hope there's a sequel to this. If not, this game was still pretty fun!

The demo was great, I can't wait for the full game!

I had a few good laughs.

I liked it. The dialogue was hilarious. I was wondering which one is Tad and Darren on the title screen. 

How did you unlock this though

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This game is so fun though. I was like how do I delete the light but it's literally playing around with the files. I think the seed she wants us to plant is the other girl's heart or something. Keep replaying it until you unlock her calling card because that breaking the fourth wall moment was creepy. I really want to know how do I contact her with the calling card lol.  Maybe one day someone can find the solution.

Wdym they're invisible

I had fun playing this game! It was really sweet and very interactive. I liked how you stressed out that consent is important and to not discriminate. The art style is very cute and I liked the quick customization at the start. Also, I love Gakuto and Marie's personalities. I admit that I got surprised a few times when Marie randomly popped up lol. Overall, thanks for making this game.

I enjoyed it! The art style, music, and story went so well together. It took some of my worries away while playing this so maybe the Dream Eaters helped haha.