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Hey , I'm a unity develloper looking for a game designer or/and pixel artist because my brain is too small to process game Ideas.

PM me at Sigma#1871

Having 1/26 letters that you can pickup at any given time is a bit lame .

wtf did i just play , the wierd music , the wierd graphics , game play that makes no sense . Is this modern art ?

I dont understand how the game words

Great game , the key to great visual novels is choices that matter. Your game has only one path that leads to victory and there is no real choice other than testing every possible answer until you get it right

I feel like it could use a bit more energy because all it does is get me sleepy. Great concept and execution but I feel like its a bit soul less

I dont get the point of the game , is it just a dance game that has nothing to do with words ? Great art tho

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It feels like just a normal a collectible based platformer with letters that dont add anything. Great jump physics tho and the camera is shaky as hell

his assets were made by wich you can use for free

Great game and great polish , would be interesting to see some adjustements to the worm physics since sometimes it bounces over one block wide gaps , and also add an endless mode where it gets faster and faster. You can also check the game I made for the jam here:

I will only participate as a team , I am an intermediate programmer in unity that did a few jams already

Great , works fine , great level design and art , noticed one bug with the crate on conveyors if you pick them back up they will keep moving

Anyway good job

I really like it but was stuck at the 2  Jigu boxes , quite sad because i would have really liked to see the whole game , smart concept and smart making but im just dumb 

PS: if you want to give me a hint for that part would be great

Looking for someone to team up , if he is an artist then everyone is ok and if he is a programmer than he must use Unity because otherwise we cant work together thanks

PM on discord Sigma#1871

or respond to thread

See The Game Page for more info.

Game is really good and the mechanic works just fine , it just need checkpoints because having to go all the way back because you got stuck (wich I understand is a mechanic of the game) is pretty frustrating . Anyway great design for puzzles

Bonjour , après 2 jours de travails acharnés avec mes coéquipiers , nous n'avons pas réussi à upload notre projet car le sélecteur de fichier ne nous laissais pas choisir notre projet  , nous somme bon perdants et nous somme conscients que nous aurions du Upload plus tôt , mais des heures de travail  et des nuits ne seront pas veines si notre jeu se retrouve jouable par n'importe qui et recevoir des critiques. Au Diable la récompense nous voulons juste un avis constructif sur notre jeu.

Merci de votre compréhension

Sigmatronic et ses camarades.

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Compétences : Je suis développeur sur Unity, j'ai les connaissances suffisantes pour coder un jeu 3D et 2D  mais cherche une équipe pour être plus productifs et pour l'aspect graphique ( mon point faible ) et la conceptualisation

Expérience dans le JV : Plusieurs Prototypes sur Unity

Pseudo discord : @Sigma#1871

Autres informations utiles : 16 ans et recherche un projet sérieux mais sans prise de tête , contactez moi peu importe vos compétences je suis ouvert à tous