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Ooooooh, this is going to be an essential! Thank you for this Theo! 

Hey, take your time! I can completely understand since I'm also holding off my projects, to take the time to improve my skills.

(In fact, that's why I'm playing games like yours: to know and learn from what's already out there, and what competition I'm up against. :D )

And you can DEFINITELY expect me to be around when you're done, since this game has been one of the MOST memorable RPG Maker games I've played! So super happy to hear that you're definitely going to finish it. 

Anywho, thank you for the response! And bye for now.

Just finished playing the demo! Really enjoyed the horror, the cutscenes, the puzzles, and the environments! The game was satisfyingly enjoyable in all those fronts. 
Looking forward to continuing the story!

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Just finished the game. It was an overall AWESOME adventure! Really loved the story, most of the game design choices, and the whole experience. Really happy I played this! 

And I experienced another important bug: 

When Natalia finishes telling her story, (with the flashbacks) and the scene moves back to the present time, the cutscene just gets stuck, completely. (And I couldn't progress any further.)

I used my RPG Maker MV to get around these two bugs for myself, so I was able to reach the ending regardless. 
(P.S, Nadine's my ABSOLUTE favorite from the whole cast! Absolutely love her character, development, & dialogues.)

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Loving the story, and the graphics, and the characters, and the twists!
I've gotten stuck inside the Isala mine:

I can't move left from here; can't get on the bridge and reach the chest.Is this a bug? :O 

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On my Nvidia GTX 1050, 7th Gen intel Core i5, the game runs at around 20-25 fps. It's pretty much unplayable for me. :O 

(By the way, the game has a really nice premise to it.)

Just finished playing. (Took around 15-20 minutes.)
It was an overall engaging and fun experience!

Just finished playing and... this was an 'interestingly weird' experience, haha. 

The graphics are really nice. The voiceover is entertaining to listen to. And the player literally feels 'lost', the same as the main character. (I'd say that's a good thing... to a degree. XD )

(Note to developer: There's a loading bug. If I save, close the game, and start again, then I couldn't load my save. An error saying something like "Error reading $bulletsprite" pops up. 
Solution: When I start a new game, and then come back to the title screen from the menu, I was able to load my saves again.)

Just finished playing! The game sounds and looks very pleasant. And the story's really interesting & engaging. (I didn't fully understand it, though. I might if I play it all over again.) Plus. the cutscenes are really well done! 

WOW! This game is AMAZING! 
There's A LOT unique going on here that I really just love:

- Love all the text on every single map. (And the way it's presented, the font, the colors, the labels around each door, text on buildings, names on facearts.)
- Love the fact that there are only story-relevant battles. (Finally! A game that respects its gamer's valuable time!)
- Absolutely love the story! The World! The dark twists! And all the cutscenes that portray them!
- I found that the characters were all amazing and unique.
- The humor is great! (Those scenes literally made me laugh.)
- The graphics and artwork are uniquely awesomesauce! And love the design of the whole city, and how seriously rich it is.

The lack of sound effects made the experience a bit unpleasant, and made me want to take a break from playing at times, but I was just SO hooked by everything else, that I couldn't stop playing until the demo ended. 

Conclusion: You've done an AMAZING job with this game! And I'm seriously excited, looking forward to the full game! 

Just played it! Looks super promising!
The current build ends after the theater-scene, correct? :O (Just puzzled since it felt more like a demo, than a beta.)

Glad my words could ease your burdens. :)  
And oh, wow, I'd say making something like this in 500 hours is pretty fast! Shows that you had decent experience before you started working on this game. :O

And oh boy, SOOOO GLAD  you're breaking it up into episodes! 
As I was playing this game I was having doubts like... "This is so GOOD! If he tries to maintain this quality for the full version, that could require an INSANE amount of effort. Yeah... will he be able to finish it up?"

So the fact you're planning to break it up into episodes, gives me confidence that you WILL DEFINITELY end up finishing this game, sooner or later. So super happy to hear that! 

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Man, this was SO EPIC!

Just finished playing. (Played it with the controller.) Props to you on where you ended the demo. :D 

Everything I noticed in this game felt polished, unique, and TOP NOTCH!

  • the mapping, (9.5/10)
  • the sprites, (9.5/10)
  • the animations, (9/10)
  • the atmosphere, (9/10)
  • the overall graphics, (9.5/10)
  • the sound effects, (9/10)
  • the choice of music, (9.5/10)
  • the cutscenes, (9.5/10)
  • the dialogue,  (8/10)
  • the extra/side dialogue while walking, (10/10)
  • the text effects, (10/10)
  • the story, (8.5/10)
  • the pixel movement & collisions (10/10)
  • the combat (9.5/10)

Conclusion: A very FUN game to play; every frame felt pleasant on the eyes; and the whole experience was soothing on the ears.

Something to reconsider: I felt a bit annoyed by the sound effect that's played as the letters in the dialogue are being displayed. I went into the options and brought down its volume, and it didn't bother me anymore. But... that caused all the other sound effects to lose volume and power. So I would suggest to reconsider this, and to perhaps lower the volume of that letter-display sound effect.

(Side note: I wonder how much time it took to make this. :O )

Overall: This an amazing game! And I'm very much looking forward to playing the full version. :) 

False Rebirth

'False Rebirth' is a psychological, story-driven game about finding meaning in a post-apocalyptic world.

Unlike my previous two games, this one isn't episodic. And hence, it's a complete game on its own.

(To be completely honest, I may have focused too much on the quality side, so the performance isn't the best. And so unlike normal RPG Maker games, most gamers won't be able to play this game on their potatoes.)

Anyways, I hope you enjoy! Thank you for reading. :) 

Haha, most welcome! 
And... that's a difficult question to answer.   (; ̄Д ̄) 

The thing is... I'm currently working on something else... but don't shoot me! Let me explain!  ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

After I published episode 2  on 15th November, I wanted to cook a very small game for IGMC. (10-20 minutes long.) 
When I started writing the story for this 'very small' game, I realized that I didn't know how to write for it... (it took me DAYS to realize this!) 

And so! I did an online course on how to write short stories, and THEN I was FINALLY able to complete my story.  (I've titled it: 'False Rebirth'.)
After that, some other 'unexpected' work came up, and I couldn't work on my IGMC project...  (╥_╥)

Now I've decided that I'm going to finish working on 'False Rebirth'. And THEN I'll start working on 'False Awakening Episode 3'.

I expect False Rebirth will take me around 10-20 days to finish.
And False Awakening Episode 3 will take me around 30 days to complete. 

Starting January, I might get busy with 'life', so it could take a while until I complete episode 3.  (╯︵╰) 

TLDR; Episode 3 is going to... take a while.  (¬_¬;) 

~ On a brighter note, I'm SUPER HAPPY that you're eager to play episode 3! (You're the first person who has asked about it. So I'm ALL excited to work on it now! Thank you so much!)

Mega yay! You played my game. (T_T) Thank you thank you thank you! 

And glad you really like Succour. A lot of heart went into writing her. 
And I also made a 3D version of her! (Which I MIGHT use in Episode 3, for a small scene. :P  ) 


 Btw how many chapters are left??

Episode 3 will end this story. I might add extra scenes when I make the FULL version. (With all 3 episodes in one .exe file.) 
I also want to try and release the FULL version on android.

And lastly, thank you so much for your comment and your MASSIVELY encouraging words! Thanks to you, this page doesn't feel lonely anymore. 

Unique looks, fun mechanics, and AWESOMESAUCE music!
Some really unique things are going on here, and so as a fellow RPG Maker game dev, I learned a lot!

you have to think very hard to make the best of your little engine.

Ohhh, you're right! I've been doing that too! (Unconsciously, it seems.) 

Thank you for mentioning all this criacuervos (cool name)! And super appreciate your encouraging words.
Best of luck to you too!

I've thought of wanting to try & use everything! Unity, GameSalad, Unreal, Cocos2d, Game Maker, Gamebryo...

Awesome! Thanks! :D 

Most welcome! Don't hesitate to let me know if there's anything else I can do for you. :D 

It's a one time thing. 
They make more money by releasing assets in the form of DLC, that you can buy & use in your projects. (Music, animations & graphics.) 

They also have a free trial version on their website.

Completely understandable.

You can get it for around 9$ on steam:

Usually it costs around the same as a AAA title. But it's cheaper right now because a game making contest is going on, hosted by publishers of RPG Maker. (And they use this as an incentive to encourage people to buy the game engine, and participate in the contest.)

Yeah, didn't have any issues. Just went to the options, clicked on full screen and BAM! 

Yes. You have to buy it to use it. (Unlike Unity or Unreal, which are free.)

"but I focus on making endless games" 

Ahahahaha XD  
(And oh! Looking at your name... I have a character in the game with the name Alexander. :D )

I gave your game a go. It's pretty neat and immersive. Kudos to you mate! 

I used RPG Maker MV to make this. And I will be making one more episode, which will end the story. (And then I'll release an even more polished, full version of the game with all three episodes in one .exe.) 

And super happy to see that my game interests you. Thank you!

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"Before you go ahead and do something, learn it from the pros." ~ Sigma 

While working on my game I followed through with this principle, and I believe something VERY unique & amazing came out. Playing this game, I'm ABSOLUTELY sure you're going to leave with a very different opinion about RPG Maker. ('Different' in a positive sense.)

And so, take it as a challenge! 

  • You think RPG Maker is a 'toy' and not a game engine?
  • You think everything that could've been done with this engine has been done?
  • You think no RPG Maker game can offer a truly 'unique' and 'new' experience anymore?
  • You think those who work with RPG Maker are not Game Devs!?

Well... well... I challenge you to hold the exact same opinion, after playing through this game. 

What do you say? 



'False Awakening' is a dark, story-focusedpsychological game about a young man who is stuck inside his own dream.

Haha, let's!

Thanks Carl! :D 

Best of success to you too!

Haha :D 

Most welcome!

Aaaaand, thank you! \( ̄▽ ̄)/

The honor is awl mine. :D 

And I'll do my best to surely disappoint. (Gotta keep those expectations low.  (°_°;)

And I'm also looking forward to see you grow even more!  And super curious about how many layers of ceiling you'll end up shattering in the process. (°▽°)/  (Don't forget to wear a helmet.) 

So yeah, keep it up with keeping it up! *thumbs up*

Starmage!!! Glad you found this page. And thank you! Glad to have entertained your eyes. :D   

And... I just checked your profile here... now I'm drowning in awesomeness. :O 

awesomeness‿︵‿︵‿︵‿ヽ(°□° )ノ︵‿︵‿︵‿︵awesomeness

Like wow(°o°)wow your games look and feel so nice, original, and super clean. Congratulations on your achievements mate. :O 

Super glad to hear. \( ̄▽ ̄)/


'False Awakening' is a darkstory-focusedpsychological game, about a young man who is stuck in his dream, and is unable to wake up from it. (This is episode 1, out of a total of 4 - 6 episodes.)

Made using RPG Maker MV. With a playtime of about 20-30 minutes.


Extra Note: Wet dreams.   (ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ) 

My own playthrough of the game:

Some Screenshots: