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Similar issues here with  i7-10750H and GTX 2070.


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This is one of the best games I have ever played. If there is a multiplayer update or even just a LAN update this would be top 5 game for me of all time. You mentioned you are in game development. I don't see any of your other games on itch, what are they? 

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Please add multiplayer and controller input I would buy this. 

Love this tool. Is there a way to download the tool for offline use? I travel and have my laptop but don't always have internet.


I am trying to figure out where my save data is located. I have tried searching the appdata as discussed on other threads but I can't find anything. Neither the save directory nor the Fractal Phase directory exists. Did the save data location change?

C:\Users\(YOUR ACCOUNT HERE)\AppData\LocalLow\Fractal Phase\

C:\Users\(YOUR ACCOUNT HERE)\AppData\LocalLow\Fractal Phase\Sky Rogue\Save

Documents\JRNL Entries is the default file path. If you have OneDrive have it back up your documents folder (or you can have it specifically back up JRNL). If you don't have OneDrive you can sign up for a free account with 5 GB of storage. Even if you write a lot it would be years before you would use up that storage using JRNL back ups only. If you have any issues setting it up let me know and I can send links to tutorials.