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if you're a leftist it's basically cheating because you know all of the right options


what? what do you mean?

I haven't been playing very long, and i was just walking along, when all of a sudden the game froze at this screen. I can't move. the music is still playing, but I don't know what to do! I'm stuck! aaah help!

this game is amazing and adorable oh my gosh i love them both so much this is so sweet oh gosh,,, 9.5/10, The only thing i feel is missing from this game is Oaxa's mouth so Arlette can kiss her,,,,,

yo me too. i almost screamed with joy seeing it in the bundle

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you got all the way to this one then stopped? and you didn't notice how gay it was before now?? also why does it make you uncomfortable. seems a little homophobic to me bro

just click more info and then run anyway

also i love that half the art for the game is memes and heavily filtered stock photos

i love this game so much. thank you, funky little lesbian

oh my god i love this game so much thank you. havent finished it yet but its amazing so far

this game is so sweet. i wish it was like this in real life