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Yeah I figured they don't work. But as long as you plan on adding them at some point it's good to know~ Thanks!

In short, this has the potential to be one of the best gay adult games that's being released recently, and I'm hoping you guys succeed at making it so~ I'm fucking loving it beyond human comprehension so far, keep it up~

That said I noticed you, just recently, with the latest update, switched to Unity I think...? Because there was no option selection in earlier versions before the game loads, like choosing the resolution and window size and all that. However, the controls remapping does nothing. I dunno if you just haven't allowed that option yet, but in sex games like these, it's almost CRUCIAL for a LOT of people, myself included, to be able to modify the controls to suit their own needs. AKA, the possibility to play one-handed of course~ Please add the option to do that eventually. Thank you~

Awesome, thanks!

And just wanted to say, to be fair, I stopped caring about text games since they bore me and I prefer visual stimulation...but this game of yours is amazing so far because it's more than just a text game, and there's an abundance of gay content too~ Not to mention that artist is phenomenal. Best of luck with development!

Oh and for the same 2 bandits, the struggle scenes are actually swapped. The one that should lead to you breaking free gets you to stay pinned down, and the one that talks about you failing to resist gets you freed. Hoping you can fix it soon.

...Something needs to be done about the Struggle scenes, because the way it is now it's virtually impossible to win against certain enemies through lust, namely the 2 bandits at the bandit camp since either you can't break free of their grasp and they defeat you with their lust, or you break free of their grasp and INSTANTLY get caught again since that's the move they always use on you. I'd suggest making it so after you break free of the enemy with struggle, their turn gets skipped so you can make a move before they can instantly grab you again.