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That is great news. Thank you so much for keeping me in mind and trying to implement this. It's really much appreciated. Can't wait for the update and the next chapter. 

Demonheart community · Created a new topic Skip Function


I am very much enjoying your game. I was one of those who had played through the NWN module. I was very surprised and very very happy to find this visual novel.  I had been curious about that module for quite a while. 

That said, I hope this doesn't come as a criticism. it's just that I enjoy replaying games to read every single word and nuance. Would it be possible to implement a Skip function that allows the game to quickly go through repeated lines while stopping for the ones we have not seen? Perhaps it's there already and I haven't found it? I checked all the settings.  

The game, while fun and a great read, gets a bit repetitive after the first few times starting it from scratch and carefully calculating points for Tactful or Evil. I'd love to go through other, quicker runs.