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Imagine if the scope went even further, past the video player and into the operating system

awesome, thanks!

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This is amazing. HUGE Warioware vibes. I would unironically pay to see a full steam release of this, no joke. The art is so so so nice, how was it made? Especially the dithering!

My high score was 128

The switch to 3D was unforgettable

otatop destroyed my wicked streak, but 'epic' redeemed me

I couldn't help but finish it, the pacing was great

legendary game

fun hard game

great tiny sound effects :)

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epitome of cinderella story, underdog slavery escape action thriller romance comedy. Masterpiece 21/22

winning this game induces the most intense jumpscare horror experience ever

This is a great challenge! It feels too random to want to push for master, but it's a fresh experience still. Nice!

The depth of the psychological implications.... astounding. As if your game entered the void in my heart, so is the dichotomy of the endless situation of the lowly potato, under the tutelage of none but the clouds and other potatoes...beautiful...

solid game! Can't seem to crack 45 sec though

This is actually a classic and I appreciate it a lot

the most intensely saturated amount of egg-related dopamine I've ever received; 10/10 would speak with Eggman in a secret chatroom again

btw needed to reduce my zoom to like 70% to view properly

Is there any way to tell which is the impostor? It seems like 3 tries at random guesses

Keys will often spawn in the same coconut. 

Also JPEG-janky art. But nice execution on simple idea.

Works great on Mac on Chrome  86.0.4240.198 ! Hard game. Could use a 'tap to start' and checkpoint at each level, but the art and music are great