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Side B

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It is still in the work.

We do not have plans nor the resources to translate the game in Russian.


While I can't tell if it would fix it, have you looked into updating your graphic card driver?
It could potentially mess up games in general.

That's very odd. I have not received any reports except this one of this bug and I am not able to reproduce it myself. I'm really not sure what to do about it.

Which version of the game are you playing?

I'm not encountering any issue, can you show me a screenshot or some footage?

Not yet, but in the next major update, you will be able to.

The final part of the game is in development.

You mean from Southern to Northern?

You will be able to in the next major update.

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That is not something I'm encountering on my end.
Which version are you playing?

I can see from the video that this isn't the most recent version. Can you play the most recent version and try again?

There's no android version in development.

Hopefully, this is the last bug fix patch released.
Starting to work on the conclusion of the story.

There is no plan for those.

You need to survive until the the timer is out.

You can find the save data at "%userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\TAD _ Side B\Feline Fantasies", and if it doesn't work "%userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\TAD & Side B\Feline Fantasies".
When transferring from a computer to another, just make sure to move those files on that folder on destination.

Likely not I'm afraid.

What do you mean by "archive"?

It is done automatically.

The next major update will continue the story and allow to go back to the first half of the island.

I do not think we can do that, no.

No, the game is free.

I'm afraid not. I was not the one working on the Flash version.
You would have better luck asking Tir Amahn.

I tried once and it wouldn't run, unfortunately.

A new update will likely be ready this month, but will be more about reworking the minigames than continuing the story, which will come next.


It will be fixed alongside the next update. Be patient.

It is possible to simply generate an Android build, but it simply won't work as is. There are a lot of technical limitations to overcome such as memory and UI, especially when it comes to minigames. Making an Android build would require a lot of work.

The game was not built with mobile UI in mind, unfortunately.

It may take a few months from now.

The browser and downloadable versions are the same.
If you have unlocked the scene with everything, you've seen everything this current version has to offer and we're working to finish the game.

Not at this time.

I'm afraid I am not able to replicate your issue.

What do you mean by "failed image"?

Unlikely as it would require a lot of optimization and to rebuild the whole UI system for tiny screens and big fingers.

I'm very glad you found a way to play. I wonder how you resolve your issue.

I can do that.

That is concerning since the last patch only changed some text.

Make sure the focus is on the textbox. Best click on it before typing.