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Thank you :D

Good game

Good game!

Interesting game!

Pretty interesting. Good job!

Thank you. The game itself is pretty simple but I thought art would make it more interesting. :)

Good job!

Thank you.

Thank you for the feedback. Yes I will add that feature and will add more stuff for later version. 

Thanks ;)

Nice game

Thank you! Sounds effects turned out ok I guess ;)

Thank you so much!.

Good Game!

This is a splendid game

Nice game

Good game!.

I was in making of a game on similar theme :) but 2D. Anyways good job.

Good Game

I like the game.

Wow I like it.

Good Game

Nice game


That is a very good game.

Good Game

Good game

I enjoyed this game

This is an excellent game! 


The player cannot move where the ogre asks you to kill the mouse. Bug!

Nice game!

Its a really good game

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Very depressing....In a good way that means the purpose of the game is fulfilled. Life is like this you cannot go back. good idea nice drawing. Just a suggestion a color background which could slowly fade as the time passes. But overall good job. Good Music,

Edited: I almost cried when playing it the second time. I am actually close to the 3rd stage of life :)

The music kept its cool on all stages. This could be a emotional game for many. 

 Keep up the good work guys. 

With little touch input and tweaks you can publish it on mobile and  probably make some good money. Anyways Good luck. Happy gaming.

This is a good game. you can put a restart or replay button visible. You can try publishing to mobile platform.