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SID Fluke Productions

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Nice game

Really good game!

V Good game.


Wow you got it :)

That's gr8

oh ok good to know. Are you able to download the swf ?

Jump :) [space]

Very Interesting. Love to play more.

Its just arrow keys and space bar. I know it needs some improvements. working on them. May take a bit. Thank you though.



Interesting game

You have to aim it just before the character sits. Good try. Thanks a lot!

Thank you!


Thanks  :D

Cool graphics

If pins stays the game becomes boring. Therefore pins should go :). And yes thank you for pointing that out. I will tweak that later.Thanks!

Thank you for playing :)

Good art style.

I love the art and really enjoyed the game.

The art, music, story...everything was good.

Not loading

Thank  you so  much. It was my first attempt with stories.

nice! lol

Interesting game! 

Thank you for your lovely feedback. I will be updating the game in timely manner :)

Fun game. Good graphics.

Good game.

I enjoyed this game.

Good game nice graphics.

Updated the game.

Thank you for your feedback. Will do soon.

Amazing graphics. Good game.

Lots of stuff in this game. I like it.

Thank you for the feedback. I will be updating this game soon. I will keep your suggestion in mind. :)

Thank you for your feedback. I was trying to keep the jump close to real where the character comes to a stop for a second, aims to jump then jumps. I think the weak jump is happening because of a keypress during the jump. Its because if you changed your mind and you pressed jump you can quickly press left or right arrow key to cancel the jump. However for any other weak jump I am working on the code. Hopefully this will be fixed. Thank you again for your feedback. ;)

Thank you. Please let me know what what part of it was unusual ? how can I improve it?

Good Idea.