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Hey I used this for my game for the brackeys game jam and got 13th! Thank you for letting people use it for free!

Love your game! However I don't think level three works. Even when I get it down to two 1 blocks or one 2 block and line up the correct lazers I don't finish the level! :/

you are hot in real life

Bay area refers to the San Francisco Bay Area in California. You do not need to be there to participate

This game is amazing! One of the best games to fit the theme so far. I love the idea of being able to reuse boxes to solve puzzles! You should 100% keep persuing this game idea!

I really liked your game! It's a simple game with nice clean minamalistic graphics. My only problem with the game is trying to connect it to the theme of the jam. Either way great job!

I really liked the game! The only problems I had was me dying to the enemies over and over because I suck! But overall I really liked the concept.

Wont let me execute the game - I get an error :/

I really love this concept. Reminds me of the game "there is no game". I don't think there is progression, but trying different words to get reactions from the narrator is really fun! The only issues I had was items disapearing after a small while and also when I put in the word "hot" there was a voiceline but no auido. Either way I loved this game!

Wow! What a great and polished game. I loved the voice acting and story. One of the best games I've played so far in the jam! I'm suprised almost nobody has played it. Only problem is it's hard to see how it connects to the theme that well. Other than that it's a great game!

Great game! I love the idea of using your own body to solve puzzles. I think the game has great potential, the only problem I had was there were no ways to change graphic settings. That was an issue since the game ran at around 10fps as I played :/

Hi great game and music. It really got me to the edge of my seat when playing with music being so suspenseful! It was nice and simple, however I don't see how it connects to the jam theme.

in the future put all those files into a .zip and let us download that instead!

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haha - amazing art, however the right wall in the game has no collisions

once i launch the game it stays on a black screen :(

game runs but i cant gt passed the title screen :/

This game is amazing! the concept is fun and it can great so many great levels. If only the art and music/audio design was there! You should definetly persue this idea further!

itch says i cant download the game because your account is "suspicous" :/

What a nice simple game - i like the mechanics and how it's short and sweet. Just next time make sure to have you backgrounds and characters more visible by turning on no compression, filter mode to point(no filter) and making sure your pixel per units are correct. Other than that it was a great project!

yup! i'm aware of this - sadly when i exported the webgl build it took too long to export and I couldn't submit it (the webgl build fixed a bunch of bugs including that one). Guess it's my fault for doing all of a game jam on one day!

cant open the game - you have to submit the folder you exported and usually zip that file. You just gave the exe which wont work since there is nothing to execute.

cant open game on windows :(

Hi - I love the 3D graphics and hacking mechanic - however I couldn't seem to shoot once I hacked a robot. Although there were some problems, I really loved the game and I though it was very neat and unique!

oh and dev, your able to hide old versions if you want to hide build one of the game!

I never thought I would be scared today. I almost fell out my chair! The game is great and it functions well - the creepy music kept my on the edge of my seat the whole time.

great game! I got around 10 minutes into the game before I threw in the towel because it seems to be auto generated levels. I really liked the music and graphics - my only nitpick is that i didn't know you had to put your mouse over the leaves to collect them so I was walking over them over and over confused what to do. But great submission either way!

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Nice game! The graphics and music are stunning - however my fps goes really low (to like 5fps) and my the game kept showing errors in the top left of the screen. I really wanted to finish your game but it was too laggy for me to play. After realizing there are graphics settings I went back and played through the whole game and it was really good. I loved the ideas, music, and animals! great game!

Hi amazing game - my only problem is my frame rate gets so low in the house (it goes down to like 5fps) that its hard for me to apreachiate the game. But awesome submittion either way!

Hi - awesome submittion to the competition however I'm finding it difficult to beat the game. Are there any other controls than WASD that are used?

i couldn't download - virus was detected...

Very creative game - my only nitpick is the ships dont seem to always spawn at the same location so its difficult to plan different ideas.

Thats a great idea! im planning on fixing a lot of ideas i missed since I only got one day to make this game it got really rushed by the end of development.

Hey! nice 2.0 update. Playing through it felt really refreshing and fun. The only problems I encountered were how the bosses didn't have any HP bar so it felt like I were hitting them forever LOL. But great job, keep making stuff it's all very entertaining. 

Love the great new update! I can tell the new map was huge with a lot of different options and play styles. But I beat it the best way, scuba only :).

Even though the art was a little sketchy and the music sounded like the textbook definition of pain, I really love the idea for the game. The creativity and the implementation of your own slime bouncing you. Now imagine if the slime you use is your own health or if you stick to the slime. So many great Ideas to expand with this! I hope you take this farther!

Love the art and it's very unique. However I think the game would be much better if there was a on each circle where items unload. It's very hard to eyeball each circle when you connect them. Tried to beat the second level for 20 minutes and got nowhere.

graphics are amazing, as a given. But the constant death and respawning made me give up halfway throughout the game, I think you should add in some checkpoints for the people who suck at games :).

Rather quite fun game, I find the graphics to be a little spotty but the mechanics are really fun and I enjoyed beating the puzzles. :)