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Hey! nice 2.0 update. Playing through it felt really refreshing and fun. The only problems I encountered were how the bosses didn't have any HP bar so it felt like I were hitting them forever LOL. But great job, keep making stuff it's all very entertaining. 

Love the great new update! I can tell the new map was huge with a lot of different options and play styles. But I beat it the best way, scuba only :).

Even though the art was a little sketchy and the music sounded like the textbook definition of pain, I really love the idea for the game. The creativity and the implementation of your own slime bouncing you. Now imagine if the slime you use is your own health or if you stick to the slime. So many great Ideas to expand with this! I hope you take this farther!

Love the art and it's very unique. However I think the game would be much better if there was a on each circle where items unload. It's very hard to eyeball each circle when you connect them. Tried to beat the second level for 20 minutes and got nowhere.

graphics are amazing, as a given. But the constant death and respawning made me give up halfway throughout the game, I think you should add in some checkpoints for the people who suck at games :).

Rather quite fun game, I find the graphics to be a little spotty but the mechanics are really fun and I enjoyed beating the puzzles. :)

yes yes yes so good. Great pixel art and story. The one palette looks really good with the art and the bloom adds a nice effect to the text. Not to mention the lovely puzzles that were made, this is incredible keep it up!

love the visuals, but got confused at the gameplay and couldn't get very far. Keep up the good work :)

love the visual style, movement is clunky and the ship's insta-snap of the rocket feels a little off. the music is a bit bland but I love the effect played at death at start. Overall a good game with some little flaws you can fix to make a fun mobile-like game. Also, make sure to add sound effects next time :).

I really love the idea for this game! the only problem is the clunky movement makes it hard to traverse the puzzles.

just fixed the extreme asteroid spawn :D

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Although this didn't follow the color restriction for the jam, I found it to be a very great game. The slow music and odd shapes of rocks make for some fun puzzles. The only hard part was figuring how to play! I think you need to make tutorial levels for your next games, so people don't leave when they get stuck on the first level. Lastly, try changing your screen size when you upload your unity project since it was slightly cut off.

also I kept forgetting what character I was, so maybe add an outline to what character you are lmao.

Nice game! other than the game not loading after 1 fail I think this is a great idea. The theming and itch submission page is perfect, great touches!

Made in one day, and one of the best in the jam. I love the limited use of only black white and the shading color. You don't even need to explain any rules you can boot it up and have fun for ~10 minutes easily!

I think this is the best game

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Great! it works now, the only down side is It took me around 10 minutes to understand what to do. I think removing the extra thousands is a good idea since all the numbers confused me. Maybe even a little tutorial would be good since I the brief explanation you gave was too short and too confusing. But after I understand it, it's a great puzzle game! The art is amazing, It's phenomenal for how much time you had. Same with the theming of match's and the rewarding match burn after finishing the puzzle. All I want now is a harder version of this game!

love the game, however you did not follow the restriction

even with this limited art style I think that this is one of the best games. The game isn't really thrilling, but I feel like I can sit on here for an hour and just play against an AI trying to figure out a possible strategy.

I love the stretch and squish animation, I love the game concept, but why is the music so sadd :(

Nice try! I think next time you should try to add some music and sound effects. Maybe UI too, I didn't really understand what the game was about.

so simple! I think It could be better if the circle was always shrinking, so it gave the game a feel of rush.

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sorry, but I can't open it on windows. The game looks fun, but the start button goes below my screen and I can't change the size nomatter what i try

Great idea, great implantation, love the UI, all around great fun!

love the mechanics, maybe because they're so similar to my games, the game is great fun. The only problem is the difficulty >:( too hard.

Holy cow how long did you sepnd on this art? I can barely pay attention to the game because every animation and room astonishes me. Keep up the great work.

nice nice, good fun. no dogs 0/10

love it love, no dogs though :/ 0/10

beautiful game! I love sliding mechanics and the synergy between the two different slidable objects. Each level includes a new mechanic which was a joy to play. Lastly, yes duck.

loved the game.

Dear god I am stupid. I need a little help here with the controls. All it seems that I can do is hit the air and throw a ball, which results in nothing happening.

By " no reason to shoot" I meant no incentive. You can run around the map with no enemies shooting at you, getting an infinite scoe.

Don't worry, no game breaking bugs!

beautiful, im crying.

Controls are quite slippery and camera is wonky.

For a jam game though it worked well, nice job!

I love the art and concept!

Love the art style and concept.
The game is pretty boring with no reason to shoot. You can run around the edge for ever and get an infinite score.

For a jam game, it was very fun!

Absolutely love it! the art is nice and the music suits the game.

SOFTLOCK: If you are in a room it is possible for an enemy to walk into a connecting hallway. When an enemy is in a hallway they are stuck and you cannot proceed.

Only other problem is enemies don't attack you if you have only a head, so there is no incentive to grab items.

There should be a condition where each level you have to have x amount of a trail to continue.

Lastly, there should be a score at the end that adds up for each item grabbed and subtracts for each step taken.

But, for a jam game it was very fun!

I love the short game! Very easy and fun, would of loved spikes or moving platforms, but I would assume you were on a time crunch. Sadly, 0/10 no dogs

No Dogs, 0.2/10, Game was cute and fun. Had replayabilityyet didn't seem like a jam game. Sadly, no dogs.