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I don't know if I already left a comment, but I really enjoyed this game! I really liked the MC and the other characters, even Xander, Suyin, Natasha, MC's family, etc seemed so interesting and added some nice colour to the plot. 

The plot itself is also so interesting. It's some sort of mystery that I can't wait to solve. I have so many questions and I love to play a little detective sometimes.

The fact that the characters present themselves with their pronouns makes me really excited too :)

Of course! I didn't mean anything negative with the comment. Part of the reason why I liked this game was because I related to the MC. The way the anxiety and depression was presented felt very real too. I was very impressed. I really liked the fact that you wanted to put more of a focus onto mental health and self love too :))

Oh my... I just want to give the MC a big hug. I found this game really exciting although I feel so bad for the MC

Thank you so much for the help! I think I should be able to play it now :) I am not that good with zip files so I think I'll try a different operative system or just the browser :)

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There was a download button. The screenshot appeared after I clicked the download button. I'll try to attach some more pictures

However I found the zip files by clicking download now right next to name your price at the top..

Yooooo, this was so cool! I am so amazed. I really liked this! I can't wait for more :))

Hm... I can't seem to be able to download it.. There are like no files to download. I am using the app on a windows 10 supported computer 

I seem to have the same issues however the game only crashes for me after I interact with the "plant". I managed to complete the rest of the orders though and even though there were some technical issues I still enjoyed the game :)

Oh, that makes a lot of sense actually! Thank you so much for the help :)

I can't seem to adjust the volume of the bgm and go back to the title screen. I am stuck on the settings and can't do anything else but exit the game to get back to the title screen with the same settings as I started with before I adjusted the volume and exited the game.  The game itself however works just fine other than that

It was great and I really enjoyed it <3

I am playing on the itch app and when I come to the shop part (2 months after arrival) everything just freezes? I am not able to exit the shop inventory list for some reason..

This was so much fun and creative! I am obsessed with your games!!

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I love this game!

Possible spoiler disclaimer!

 It's really cute and heartwarming although I can't figure out how to help Al with his resentment with his job..  

I'll try again and see! Thanks for your help :) Can't wait to play :))

I really liked this game! It was quite heartwarming :)

Are you refering to the zip files? Those are the only files that I can download both from the website and the application. Unfortunately the zip files are quite hard to open and run for some reason. Hmmm.. Any advice?

The same thing keeps happening to me too?

This is so exciting! I can't wait for more updates :)

This game was soooo good! I was totally stunned by the end of it :O

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Day 453, Attempt 12390

Stil nowhere closer to finishing Etsuji's route T-T

Jokes aside this game is actually quite cool. There's no saving function, but I guess that's a part of the charm <3

Cute and illustrative. May not touch all the sides of the chronic illness, but I still thought it was lovely.