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Bro really took “go to hell” literally

bambi hellhole leak

holy shot hes bacl

hell doesnt have AC so I crawled out

hello lumpies and gyros, sains is back

under uh um welluh um deez joe mamanama!!!

I bet if it were four way fracture id be majin

drama wouldnt start if we would just watch our mouths

help hes knocking over all of my pottery

I love badai

ok im in there now what

is there a discord server I dont know about or like

ok so in the sians lore theres a tram that can go anywhere and sians is like”dang maybe if I take bf to my friends they can beat him” so uhh im making a song about that. This server is gonna be the last place sians goes in the song. Any recommendations kn who sings here?




roblox moment

annnd thats a new idea


sians phase three

Legacy but lagtrul and coolguy sing it

I am starving

borb gaming

and heres this image I made while I was dying

so how were yalls weekends? I was sick all weekend

the q tip

I indeed have no hinges, and yeah, high school is infact making me crazy

*crys in a funny way*

seems quite cheerful

(1 edit)

ads like this piss me off so bad. I have A little bit of autism and this just hurts. >:(


not actualy mad lmao

if I were to make a full song for the big people in this chat, would you guys send me your vocals? Preferably in a video or mp3 and either chrom scales or just samples

I know I just posted here but like

why the hell yall gotta be at each others throats all the time? Its like everytime I check here theres another guy telling someone to kill themselves. Like why? Dont yall have any self controll?! Jeez im so close to just leaving like honestly