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I have been covering your game for my YouTube channel. I have to say I have been very surprised by it. I didn't know what to expect really, it feels like it can't decide whether its a game, an experience or an educational piece... but in a good way. Individually as a one of those components I feel it wouldn't work, but mixing it all together makes a very un-talked about subject seem easier to handle.

The choice of colours and the music are perfect. The pastel pinks are so easy on the eyes. Overall just a very relaxing experience. At times the text is a little overwhelming, but I've enjoyed reading it (some made it to my videos, some didn't - I like to leave some stuff for viewers to experience themselves). I particularly enjoyed reading the Funeral Monthly newsletters. Some great content there around the taboo subject, and extremely informative. I feel I can now add Mortician to my C.V, is that OK? :-)

Great game guys, thank you.

Thanks for the demo. I'm intrigued. Looking forward to playing the full game. I wasn't expecting the horror element as I went in completely blind. Very weird. :)

Absolutely loved this game. What started out like a regular day at the office quickly turned into something more sinister. Those voices in your ear were a brilliant setup for the horror to come.

Minor criticism, the music was a little too loud and I found it hard to make out the whispers. Could have done with being gentle background music. Great melody choice though. Makes it feel all the more weird and creepy when stuff starts to happen.

Thanks Not a Sailor Studios. Great little game.

I enjoyed your game. I was trying to do a video on it, but I was hit with a few issues which broke the experience for me. It's still a very interesting concept though, and I'm looking forward to playing the full game.

First off, I thought it had bugged on the numbers game until I figured that the game was US if you know what I mean. :D

First bug, I entered my YouTube name Si7ruz. It allowed it, but when I got to the Hangman game, I couldn't pass because only letters were allowed. Perhaps force letters for the users name at the beginning to get past this.

After I restarted and when through it again, after all the games, the command you enter included the same hotkey of my start record / end record key. DOH! By the time I have figured out the video wasn't recording I'd finished the game lol.

Enjoyed it though, just won't be a video on it I'm afraid. Looking forward to the final game. Thanks.

Free Hugs for everyone! | Free Hugs Inc Game

I really enjoyed this little game. Full of so much happiness and joy, its a refreshing change from all the doom and gloom.

The game is simple, and a short experience, but worthy of your time and will have you replaying just to see those faces light up again and again when you give them a hug.

Thank you for creating this Hugo.

Fantastic! I'm all in. Consider yourselves backed. :D

Wow. I really enjoyed this game. Thanks so much. I'm a huge fan of Little Nightmares, and playing this demo really wet my appetite for the full version. Such amazing visuals and 3D. I love the lore that's on the Weaveractive website, sounds really intriguing and very original. Can't wait to get my hands on the full thing.