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Really enjoyed your Steam demo of your upcoming game. The spider is really cute, and I have arachnophobia! :D It was really relaxing swinging around, and making your own complex webs was a lot of fun. Really looking forward to the full game. Great work taking this from Laser Spider Playground to Webbed. Thanks for the demo.

Fabulous v2 demo guys! I was a huge fan of the first demo you put up when I covered it for my channel 7 months ago, so much so that I immediately supported your project. I thoroughly enjoyed this, it felt more puzzle oriented but did not disappoint on the creepiness either giving off a very spooky vibe with some great jumpscares. Its made me even more excited to get my hands on the full version (if that's even possible). You are doing amazing things with this game, it's going to be fantastic and I can't wait to play it. Thanks guys, great work!

Well that was the wackiest game I've played in a while lol. I have no idea what it was all about but I can't deny it was fun taking out my stress on the office! One suggestion, slow down the delivery of the text I couldn't read it it moved so fast so if there was any story, I missed it completely. But thanks for uploading, it was smashing fun! :D

Excellent. That's great. 😀👍

Nice little MiniJam game. Thanks for uploading. Really liked the pixel style. Everything that happened was a little confusing, but fantastic idea. The end freaked me out a bit haha. Love to see more from this, and maybe some detail around the story. Great work though, really enjoyed playing your game. Thanks.

As I mentioned above, its a hidden system folder. So if you are on a school computer I would imagine they are locked down to hide those folders. There should be an option in the Windows explorer menu to "show hidden files & folders". If you can't see that, the school probably has that locked down. As it's stored in the users folder, the other option could be to sign in as a different user (that hasn't played the game).

Hi Bright. The "AppData" folder is a hidden system folder, so to see it you may have to enable the option to show hidden files. It is inside USERS > {Your username}. Once inside AppData, you want ROAMING > RENPY. Then delete the game folder within. You will need to delete you main A Pet Shop After Dark game folder as well to completely start a fresh. 

Wow! What a game. I really enjoyed this. Kudos on such an interesting and out of the box thinking game. It took me longer than I would care to admit to realise what I had to do, but once I did it was all very clear. Loved the story and I hope to see something more from this by way of prequel and sequel. I'm not sure if I missed anything, but I think I got it all. I'd be interested to hear if I didn't. Well done npckc studios... fantastic game! (video playthrough linked)

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Hi guys. Here's my playthrough of your game. I enjoyed the idea behind the game, but I must admit I found it incredibly dark. Almost too dark to play even after trying to boost brightness settings and things. I feel like it could be a lot more scary if you were able to see more. I know that sounds contradictory to horror in general, but if you can't see anything it makes it more frustrating than scary.

The monster was effectively creepy with his giant Resident Evil hand and unshaven leg. :D I think it was shown a little too early on though. Seeing it in full in the light took away the unknown scare factor. The picture was very unsettling though.

One thing I must ask though... After I finished, and it said I was to leave, I went back to the bathroom and the blood splat was on the wall again. Was that a bug, or indication of something more sinister? (this is shown in my video)

Nice little horror experience though guys, thanks for uploading it.

Really enjoyed your fun little horror Daedalvs Studio. Some nice tension built. I enjoy horror's that work on suspense, and building a sense of dread of a jumpscare but not actually resorting to cheap tactics. The window at the end was very nicely done, no over the top noise or flash effect... just there. Very creepy.

Minor criticism would be the radio music. I know there is the option to turn it off but it removed an element of horror for me. It was a comfort blanket I didn't want. If the music was a lot quieter it might have been OK.

Also seemed quite confusing that there was flickering lights down on floor -1, but all the time you have to go to RC. What is RC by the way? Hopefully I don't end up seeming too stupid asking that lol.

Great game though, well done. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Here we go guys. Managed to get it recorded in the end. Really enjoyed the demo. I felt it could use some work on the combat that was clunky and unenjoyable. It felt like a chore. The text reading was difficult, although a nice touch it really could do with a text overlay mode so you can read it in clear text rather than the faded paper with script writing.

But the plus points, absolutely stunning graphics, intriguing story from the get go, looking forwards finding out more. Brilliant voice acting considering it was done over mobile (sounded a lot like Josh Brolin. :D). Great demo guys, really pumped to play the full game now! Well done.

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Played your game. Nice little demo for the Jam. Very nice visuals, but not enough game content to be honest, but I like the general idea. If it had a future, built into a puzzle game this could be great. Thanks for the demo though.

I believe I solved my problem. I have no idea why but some other system resource was hogging the GPU. I have been able to record it OK now which I'm so glad of because I really wanted to play it. As expected, fantastic graphics, but I'll post my video and full comments when I've had chance to reflect. :D Thanks for replying.

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I really wanted to play your game for my YouTube channel but unfortunately it seems impossible to record on a 1 PC setup. Even on low settings it was running 100% on my 1080GTX 3700X. If I cap the frame rate at 30 frames it drops slightly but not still not enough headroom to record the game and my cam. It's a shame because the visuals looked really good. I'm hoping you can optimise the game in the future to enable me to cover the game on my channel.

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Played your game demo at the weekend guys, video just released. My gosh, it was terrifying! I've not played many horrors granted, but your game audio scared the hell out of me! The graphics were great, but your sound engineer deserves an award! I was a little disappointed I didn't get the jumpscare, so much so I went back and played it again purposely provoking her into attacking me so I could add it into my video. Haha. Still scared me then! LOL. Well done guys. Genuinely the best horror I've played yet. Such an amazing experience, I will absolutely be checking out and covering your full game. I will be stocking up on pants first though! 😂

No worries guys. I enjoyed many parts of it. I'll absolutely be checking out your updates. I'm interested to see where you take the project. Cheers.

Hey guys. Played your game at the weekend for my channel. I had to dial down the settings despite having a powerful PC to record though, and I found it very dark with no gamma control.
Overall, I really enjoyed the creepy atmosphere of the house but I found the addition of the bits of story just confusing to the point that it interfered with the fun creepy house aspect. It made no sense to me.
I was disappointed to find out after playing that the best jumpscare in the game wasn't available to me because the bathroom was locked through the whole play, so likewise I didn't get the lighter (which might of helped with the darkness).
I think the game has potential. Your work on the atmosphere and graphics was fantastic. Just the story needs to be less complicated and confusing.
Interested enough to see where you take this project though. Needs some optimisation though so we can play on higher settings and still record. Thanks for the demo guys. 

I really enjoyed playing your prologue Unbound Creations. I had a lot of fun. It had all the feels of Donut County which I also enjoyed immensely. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount you put in the prologue and I will be following the development of the full game. The stuff you have planned sounds brilliant. Many thanks for the demo/prologue (my playthrough is linked).

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Had great fun with this game. Looking forward to seeing more. It reminded me a lot of the likes of Coffee Talk. I like the fact that its not all just reading, there's a level of interactivity. It felt like that back and forth between a barman and his patrons. Great stuff guys thanks. Here's my playthrough.


I'm not usually one for them ps1 style graphics, but I really enjoyed this short horror. I knew there was something off with that nun. Great job PixelB! Many thanks for uploading for us to play. Here's my playthrough.  

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Really enjoyed the graphics. Reminded me of my old Spectrum 48k. Needed a soundtrack though. Great game though thank you.

Oh no. I must have just missed out on this post jam version. Wish I'd waited now as the stuff you added looks great! Ah well, I really enjoyed playing the jam version anyway. Thanks for making this.

Really enjoyed this. The baby physics look great. The lack of a soundtrack was a little disappointing though. I felt it lost some ambience without that.

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What a fantastic little taster. Thank you so much, I really enjoyed this and I am really looking forward to future chapters. Quintus is perhaps the cutest little sidekick ever. Great work, thanks again. I'll be following the games progress and I'll be sure to check out your Kickstarter page.

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I have been covering your game for my YouTube channel. I have to say I have been very surprised by it. I didn't know what to expect really, it feels like it can't decide whether its a game, an experience or an educational piece... but in a good way. Individually as a one of those components I feel it wouldn't work, but mixing it all together makes a very un-talked about subject seem easier to handle.

The choice of colours and the music are perfect. The pastel pinks are so easy on the eyes. Overall just a very relaxing experience. At times the text is a little overwhelming, but I've enjoyed reading it (some made it to my videos, some didn't - I like to leave some stuff for viewers to experience themselves). I particularly enjoyed reading the Funeral Monthly newsletters. Some great content there around the taboo subject, and extremely informative. I feel I can now add Mortician to my C.V, is that OK? :-)

Great game guys, thank you.

Thanks for the demo. I'm intrigued. Looking forward to playing the full game. I wasn't expecting the horror element as I went in completely blind. Very weird. :)

Absolutely loved this game. What started out like a regular day at the office quickly turned into something more sinister. Those voices in your ear were a brilliant setup for the horror to come.

Minor criticism, the music was a little too loud and I found it hard to make out the whispers. Could have done with being gentle background music. Great melody choice though. Makes it feel all the more weird and creepy when stuff starts to happen.

Thanks Not a Sailor Studios. Great little game.

I enjoyed your game. I was trying to do a video on it, but I was hit with a few issues which broke the experience for me. It's still a very interesting concept though, and I'm looking forward to playing the full game.

First off, I thought it had bugged on the numbers game until I figured that the game was US if you know what I mean. :D

First bug, I entered my YouTube name Si7ruz. It allowed it, but when I got to the Hangman game, I couldn't pass because only letters were allowed. Perhaps force letters for the users name at the beginning to get past this.

After I restarted and when through it again, after all the games, the command you enter included the same hotkey of my start record / end record key. DOH! By the time I have figured out the video wasn't recording I'd finished the game lol.

Enjoyed it though, just won't be a video on it I'm afraid. Looking forward to the final game. Thanks.

Free Hugs for everyone! | Free Hugs Inc Game

I really enjoyed this little game. Full of so much happiness and joy, its a refreshing change from all the doom and gloom.

The game is simple, and a short experience, but worthy of your time and will have you replaying just to see those faces light up again and again when you give them a hug.

Thank you for creating this Hugo.

Fantastic! I'm all in. Consider yourselves backed. :D

Wow. I really enjoyed this game. Thanks so much. I'm a huge fan of Little Nightmares, and playing this demo really wet my appetite for the full version. Such amazing visuals and 3D. I love the lore that's on the Weaveractive website, sounds really intriguing and very original. Can't wait to get my hands on the full thing.