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What did you enjoy?

Thoughts on the character and characterization of the text?

What could be improved?

anything you would like to add?

Thank you for playing :D

I'm not the biggest fan of using the mouse with a track pad, but I'm pretty certain that's not the type of mouse the game was designed for. Also I wish the text for the skins wasn't there  until that skin was unlocked. 

Other than that I really enjoyed it :D

I didn't have the audio playing (sorry it works weirdly on my computer) This page is a lot of bright colors, maybe slightly darken them. I did have fun balancing the stats, but I wish the hit boxes were slightly larger

I can't make the game restart outside of refreshing my browser, which is mildly annoying. However I enjoy the minimalist aesthetic of the museum, and find the students hate me, but the school loves me critique kind of funny

That must have taken so many different counters. 

the aesthetic is super minimalist, which maybe it's just me, but I would liked a tiny bit more color. and that the timer didn't show on the screen during the words and characters slide.

That was trippy. I guess a thing to keep in mind, is accessibility for this one. there may be a way to communicate the directions in text as well, but that's a super nitpick thing that could be added on  to what you have. well done

Howdy :D this is so beautiful and you even have a little walking cycle. I'd love to see this taken further with sounds and interactions with the enviornment. ( like eating a mushroom or something)what is here is a lovely start for the time you had

I thought this was going to be a bunch of elemental wizards. unless the instructions tell you all the types of wizards. some things you could improve are include animations to the wizard (not my strong suit so take w salt) and changing up the music per result

I mean I had fun, and I appreciate the color pallet and relaxed atmosphere. plausibly you could add a couple of other color bursts for replay ability.

Howdy :D I do love the visuals.  Also my favorite mechanic was during a round where I tried to only do one slash on purpose that if you dont press the space for a while, a graphic for the space bar would flash on the screen.  Although I loved the intro, the first few playthroughs it was hard to tell when the game was supposed to start. A bit of text on the screen may solve some of that. (it's minor ik)

Howdy. It was really fun, and an addictive set up for a game. One thing I'd recommend is a counter that lets you know how much trash you've eaten during the game. The timer wasn't labeled as a timer, and that could easily get confused with the amount of trash you've eaten.

There definitely is a learning curve here, wow. It's frustrating in a goodway that leads to more replayability (Unrelated to gameplay, I like your Carrot model.)  Something you could add with more time would be a variation to the slider either to differentiate the green from the background green more, or to show the stages