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Very cute premise!

Very cute! :3 Really dig the music

I really appreciate your thorough notes, definitely keeping them in mind when working on the full game.

I really did try to make this so you wouldn't need the RTP but it seems like I goofed on that. 

Not sure what happened with the save command waitwaitwait as i'm typing this i did in fact figure out what happened, how tragic thanks for pointing it out!

I will say that the rng for learning distortion is deliberately not favorable to the player, and locked out of learning entirely if you know how to vibe.

But yeah thanks for playing and commenting! :3

That was really nice! I was having a rough night and this was kind of exactly what I needed to get out of a funk :)

the music is so good and the game is warm and cozy and this page gives me happy brain chemicals 10/10 goty

Nono you're not blind. Sorry about that- I just briefly had the link down as I was finalizing the last update.

I look forward to checking this out! :D This looks really good

Oh this looks so cool

I cannot wait to play this

WHOA this look like it's going to be uncomfortably relatable, I can't wait :D

This looks great! :D

Thank you so much for playing!! :)

This looks really heckin' cool! :D

Not Snow but the one you get to name can join the party. She's bound to show up if you go exploring long enough. :)

It's deliberate that you don't deal damage to the ghosts, the intent is to run away from them. You should be able to escape though, I'm sorry it's been giving you trouble. :(

Finally got to play the demo and gosssshhhhhh it's so cute and charming! Very excited to see where the story goes :)

I had such a fun time with the demo! This is the kind of game I'd have grown up being obsessed with, and y'all captured that era of platformers excellently. Really looking forward to the full release! :D

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Around 30-60 minutes on a first playthrough, depending on how much you want to explore. It's possible to speedrun the demo in a few minutes if you know where to go.

Yeah, they're WAVs. And you're right, they do take up a lot of space. In the full release they're going to be mp3s to save on space. In hindsight the filesize was a bit of an oversight for this demo, one I'm going to be more mindful of moving forward-

I appreciate the feedback

Sorry for the installer troubles- this is my first release and I'm still figuring things out. 

The bulk of the filesize is from many unused tracks and sound effects that weren't trimmed out for the demo. Admittedly this is a pretty embarrassing oversight on my part.

This looks incredible!! :D

Very charming ^-^

Yeah! You also get a preemptive strike if you run into the enemies :]

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You can run if you hold the shift key :)

Egg on my face though for not outright telling the player. I think that was something I took for granted. And admittedly even running doesn't change the speed of the scripted bits atm, so I'll definitely keep that note in mind for the full release.

Thanks so much for your feedback, I really appreciate your taking the time to write. ^^

Thanks! :D