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10/10 best mop game I've ever played in my life 

lol short, to the point and loud 100/100

great game the sensitivity is all over the place but still fun to play 

Dark, dirty, and loud lol 10/10 

crazy very loud clown...100/100


lol some how i didn't notice that is was inspired by the crypt terror 

loved the series and love the game 

very fun and creative game, lol never disappointed with this guy

Very simple and easy to play. Not really scary but still very enjoyable  

this game hurt my a good way...I think 



I really hope there will be a second game soon 

really loud and full of jumpscares 10/10

short spooky game about getting punched in the face by a spider lol 15/10

great bus stop weirdo very good 🤣

where's the cake i wanted some cake

lol im not gonna lie I was almost kinda sorta not really expecting that 😂

all you need to know is this game switch between fast and slow-paced very quickly lol 

this is an entertaining game and tense toward the end, I could see how the game was gonna end but that did not make it any less fun 

really scary and really really loud, great game lol 10/10

a little confused but overall had a couple good scares 

best stair simulator I've ever played 🤣

quick and fun, not too scary but still good 

A cute creepy bunny with a knife 

10/10 creepy crackhead and very thicc bunny. Highly recommend🤣

I definitely wasn't expecting it to end that way...

not the IT Specialist 

home intruder simulator 😂

this game finally explained where the doge meme came from 

nice short game, i had no idea it was based off a movie 

he just keeps getting worse and worse 😂

Lol i didn't think it could get any better than buff imposter but it did 

lol best parking lot game I've ever played 

what's the fastest time so far????????

I wasn't sure what was happening 99% of the time but that doesn't matter cuz it was still fun😂

im 99% sure im doing it right, why am i still getting kneed in the face

now im scared to be late for anything lol 

i dont think i shoulda punched the music box 😐