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OMFG I haven't raged like this in a long time! So far I was only able to beat level 1 and it took a lot outta of me just to do that. It's a PERFECT RAGE GAME!! xD

I enjoyed the experience this game left me with. Had me thinking "what was I just a part of" similar to when I played Plug n Play and Kids. Awesome job dev! Looking forward to more eyebrow raising games like this. xD

This is truly a beautiful and wholesome game. I love the cream/warm colours, the errands are easy enough to figure out, the story and the lessons shared make this a truly wonderful experience. Awesome job dev!

I had a good time with this one. xD 
A suggestion I can make is the sound effects are a bit too loud and that's saying that with my speakers turned down by a lot. Past that, it was a fun, short horror game. Great job dev!

I absolutely love this demo and can't wait for the full release! Controls are simple and very smooth. The puzzles and the overall obstacles are challenging and fun. The demo left me with the "aw come on, I was enjoying that!". lol Awesome job devs!

I have no idea what I played. All I know is that is was an experience and I loved the 'wtf' feeling it left me with. Awesome job dev!

I thoroughly enjoyed the rage this game gave me. lol It could use some slight tweaks here and there, some music and sound effects. BUT overall ya got the makings of a great rage game and I had a lot of fun getting salty about it. xD Awesome job dev! 

Even covered a playthrough on it! <3 

Really happy you enjoyed it!! xD

I really enjoyed the experience of "I'M A PENCIL!!", the story was funny as were the characters. My favorite is how the story constantly derails and turns into fantastical feats or weird happens stances. lol Had a lot of fun playing this, awesome job devs!

I was too curious not too and really happy that there was a drastic difference. I also love how Mala was so disgruntled and upset. xD

This is a BEAUTIFUL GAME!! I love the pixel art, music, ambience and characters. The puzzles were clever and easy enough to figure out. I wasn't expecting to be hit right in the feels at the end but it was so good. You did a phenomenal job! <3

I really love the concept for this and can't wait to play the full game. The contrasting personalities Mala and Ali have are awesome. The art is super cute and the music fits very well. Awesome job devs! <3 

THIS is an incredible horror game!! Devs you got 1000% right when it comes to timing the jumpscare, the ambiance and creating an intense situation. I swear I almost peed my pants. I love it!!

I replayed this game on my main channel showing off the new editions to the game! I'm really excited and happy to see work still being done on this unique and fun game. <3

This is exactly what it feels like working for corporations in general! I love the creepy vibe and the less than desirable employer. lol Awesome job dev!

This is a great game! I love the art, music, mechanics, and overall story. ~ I thought I had the story sussed out at the beginning but that just left the actual story to blow my mind and I loved it. Awesome job devs <3

I also did a let's play on it. ~

AHHH! I'm so excited I got to play this! <3 I love the new artstyle and now I really wish I had played this before The Phobia Project, but they great at standing alone. Does add somethings that I missed though. I'm super excited to eventually play the rest of the game. Awesome job once again Devs. <3 <3 <3

I also covered the Full Demo! Looking forward to covering the full game too. ~

This is an adorable game! The watercolours, the music and the story that's available so far is wonderful. I've already got this wishlisted on Steam and can't wait to play the full game. 
Awesome job devs! <3 <3 <3 

I also covered the demo to help spread some love!

We love this game! Would love to see this turned into something bigger. Has the potential to be infuriating like Getting Over It. lol

I really enjoyed this game. I was mentally prepared for some super deep themes and I was not disappointed. Very few games cover the dark reality that some people have to go through in order to survive. This was a lovely game, the ambience, art and fleshed out character Remu are wonderful. Awesome job devs. <3 

This is so wonderfully adorable!  The art, the characters and the adventure itself is so well made. My favorite interaction is the 'fight' with Kahn. lol Awesome job devs! <3

YAY!! I'm already super excited to see this. <3 

We had so much fun playing this. I think we actually went a little insane with the latter part of the level. lol
Awesome job and would love to see more that we can torture ourselves with. xD

I absolutely LOVE this game! The artwork is adorable and the characters are so fleshed out, and the story is so unique. No spoilers, but my favorite ending is the 'perfect ending'. I got ending number 4 in this playthrough and am getting all the rest in a separate video, cause I HAD to see all of them. <3

We friggin' LOVED this game!! It was not what we were expecting but that made it so much more amazing. <3 We did want to know if there are multiple endings?
We enjoyed the ending we got, and were left with many questions. lol

I friggin' LOVE this! I was so upset when I finished the demo cause I was on the edge of my seat wanting more. I cannot wait to see how this incredible story will unfold. Excellent job to the devs and artists. <3
Did my own little let's play of it and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 

For a short horror game made in 4 days we had a blast completing this. Awesome job!

We had a great time playing this, got a couple jumpscares (mainly outta Shweebe) Dang shame we still lost the match in LOL.

It got the both of us really good. Definitely enjoyed this short horror game. We're very impressed with your first attempt and would love to see any future games you make! 

I loved checking out as many of the suggestions available. Some I wouldn't mind actually being a thing IRL, but others ... yeah no. lol Had a lot of fun playing this, thank you!

This is such a creative game and absolutely love the references made. The different choices made adding something new to the overall look of the planet is the best. My favorite is the manga/anime. Those big googly eyes! xD

I did a let's play covering the gaming ending and encourage anyone to play this for themselves to see the other endings! <3 


I LOVE the concept behind this game and would love to see more of it. It was really freaky when it 'guessed' my username. Would be really cool to see it dig up more info to add to the overall creepy vibe. The ending was great. <3

I really enjoyed this game. It's eerie listening to this 'visitor' talk about himself and his travels. I almost feel bad for him, but something keeps nagging me in the back of my mind that he is not as he seems. Wouldn't mind a somewhat happier ending for him but all in all I loved the mystery.

OMFG this game was so much fun. The atmosphere, the puzzles and my gawd the friggin' monster scared the crap outta me!! Awesome job devs <3

This was so much fun and I love the art style! The endings were really fun to get ... especially seducing him. >//> OMFG lol

Thank you for making this! <3


I can not express enough how much I enjoyed this game. LOL Thank you so much for making this, I had a lot of fun with it. XD

I really love the art design and characters for this. And I'll be honest I thought this was gonna go in a completely different direction but I am by no means disappointed! Awesome job <3 <3 <3 

This was the absolute best. I was ready to undertake a long winded super jumpscare inducing story line. But THIS! Was pure friggin' gold. Thank you for making this, I got a good laugh from it. xD

This was an absolutely gorgeous game. Got me in the feels in some strange ways but I loved the overall concept. <3