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This game was just so precious and wholesome. I love how funny and adorable Wasabi is. <3 The art style was lovely and I love how expressive she is. And you can tell from the story writing that the MC and Wasabi have known each other for a long time. Great job Dev!

I already love what this has to offer and I can't wait to see more. The concept is interesting and I think most can relate to Max's 'big problem' though in a more figurative way. Art, music and gameplay are all lovely. Can't wait to play the full game. Great job dev! 

Friggin' YAS KWEEN! I love his new look so much and the new endings omfg Ending 7 is now my all time favorite. <3 Once again: FABULOUS job on the game and Bileshroom did a wonderful job on the arts/backgrounds! Awesome job Dev!

This game is absolutely AMAZING! Of course I screamed like a little girl. I found the hidden secret that's in the demo and I can't wait to see how that will be used in the game. Overall (if you're not a goober like myself) the game is easy to figure out, the jump scares are great and you'll constantly be on your toes. Awesome job dev!

OMG this game is so adorable! This has a lot of potential and I would love to see a full game for this. The character designs are so cute, the puzzles are fun and easy. And the short story presented is very cute and heart warming. 

I love coffee. And no coporate cubicle job will lord over me and tell me that I can not drink myself into the 20th dimension!! I had a lot of fun with this game and love the sheer randomness of it. Great job dev! 

Heck ya!! This was an awesome short horror game, I loved hunting down all the endings. And not spoil anything by Ending 4 is by far my favorite and I have loads of theories as to what John Doe may actually be. Awesome job dev! <3 

I have never prepared tea before ... is this really how this happens? If so I will stick with coffee. I had a lot of fun playing this crazy game and the ending was really weird. Great job dev!

I had a lot of fun playing along with this "interrogation" the questions were both general and unique. The ending had my mind reeling with quite a few questions as to what actually happened. Overall I really enjoyed it. Great job dev!

For a concept game it has a lot of potential! I do feel towards the end there was some prime jumpscares that were missed out on. And the chair sliding had no sound effect. I had a laugh at that. But overall for a starting design I'd love to see what direction this could go. Good job dev!

This game has a lot of potential! I played it and eventually won. More action cards or events I think would really make this a bit more in depth and well rounded. Overall for a start it's a great game. Good job dev! <3

A friend of mine recommended this game, sadly she didn't know what it was about, just said that it looked cute. My heart and my feelings are hurt now. This game was so wonderful and the ending literally had me crying. Dev you did an amazing job with this. The game was easy to play, easy to navigate, easy to get attached and easy to get your heart broken. <3 


Finally a horror game where being short adds up! I really like the direction this game is going. I already have a fear of dolls so this was great. Would love to see the doll in more places for scare factor, cause that was creepy and unsettling. Good job dev!

I loved this so much! xD The added endings plus the secret ending was a great upgrade from the first game.

The only thing I can really suggest is the radio needs to be altered or something added in game to decode it. I couldn't hear anything but gibberish, so I had to look up what the code was. Other than that I had a lot of fun figuring out all the endings. Great job Dev!

I knew I picked a good obscure one. The 3rd ending is by far my favorite. I'm already off to play the second one! Good job dev! <3

I honestly have no idea what I played. What was that? Why was I there? Where is this music coming from? What does all existence even mean? Overall it was a very interesting experience. Good job dev! 

I'm looking forward to it! <3 

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I absolutely love the concept for this game! The art style and overall theme is awesome. Would love to see an even bigger version of this with multiple bosses. The idea of dying and getting sent back to start is something I know people would love to keep playing until they won. I know I did. lol Great job dev!

I died once, but I figured out the stairs thing fast the second go around! xD I really enjoyed this. Short, spooky and the jumpscare was fun. Good job dev!

Well my dislike of tomatoes only grows at this point. This was a very interesting game and I managed to tick off the fruit and boy was that a bad idea. Good job dev!

Short, as in both the game and the character's height. XD
But it was good, good job dev ~

This was a fun experience! The twist ending had my mind raising with a couple theories and I really enjoyed it. Great job dev!

Short, little eerie and it absolutely got me in the end. I would love to see this concept extended cause that was fun. Great job dev!

I really enjoyed playing this! A small improvement, if I may suggest, is the character tends to get stuck on the lamps when running down the hall. I've almost been a caught a couple times due to that. Other than that everything else was smooth sailing. ~ Great job Dev!

For a prototype it has a great start! I left some positive constructive criticisms in the review I did. Overall I think you did a great a job and hope you continue to improve and make more games. ^^

This was really good for a first time! The part with the door was my favorite. I added some suggestions in the video I did. Overall great job dev! <3 

For your first game this was really good! I'd recommend some creaking sounds or some soft scary ambient music to go with it. But for starters it's great, the ending freaked me out real good. lol Great job dev!

The concept for this game is really interesting considering it was put together in 48hours. I would love to see this expanded upon in the future, Maybe with some more of the 'choose your own adventure' theme ya have going. Awesome job devs and thank you for letting me know about this game! 

OMFG I haven't raged like this in a long time! So far I was only able to beat level 1 and it took a lot outta of me just to do that. It's a PERFECT RAGE GAME!! xD

I enjoyed the experience this game left me with. Had me thinking "what was I just a part of" similar to when I played Plug n Play and Kids. Awesome job dev! Looking forward to more eyebrow raising games like this. xD

This is truly a beautiful and wholesome game. I love the cream/warm colours, the errands are easy enough to figure out, the story and the lessons shared make this a truly wonderful experience. Awesome job dev!

I had a good time with this one. xD 
A suggestion I can make is the sound effects are a bit too loud and that's saying that with my speakers turned down by a lot. Past that, it was a fun, short horror game. Great job dev!

I absolutely love this demo and can't wait for the full release! Controls are simple and very smooth. The puzzles and the overall obstacles are challenging and fun. The demo left me with the "aw come on, I was enjoying that!". lol Awesome job devs!

I have no idea what I played. All I know is that is was an experience and I loved the 'wtf' feeling it left me with. Awesome job dev!

I thoroughly enjoyed the rage this game gave me. lol It could use some slight tweaks here and there, some music and sound effects. BUT overall ya got the makings of a great rage game and I had a lot of fun getting salty about it. xD Awesome job dev! 

Even covered a playthrough on it! <3 

Really happy you enjoyed it!! xD

I really enjoyed the experience of "I'M A PENCIL!!", the story was funny as were the characters. My favorite is how the story constantly derails and turns into fantastical feats or weird happens stances. lol Had a lot of fun playing this, awesome job devs!

I was too curious not too and really happy that there was a drastic difference. I also love how Mala was so disgruntled and upset. xD

This is a BEAUTIFUL GAME!! I love the pixel art, music, ambience and characters. The puzzles were clever and easy enough to figure out. I wasn't expecting to be hit right in the feels at the end but it was so good. You did a phenomenal job! <3

I really love the concept for this and can't wait to play the full game. The contrasting personalities Mala and Ali have are awesome. The art is super cute and the music fits very well. Awesome job devs! <3