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I really enjoyed this game. It's eerie listening to this 'visitor' talk about himself and his travels. I almost feel bad for him, but something keeps nagging me in the back of my mind that he is not as he seems. Wouldn't mind a somewhat happier ending for him but all in all I loved the mystery.

I have been looking for this game forever! I'm so happy it was recommended here. Now I can finally play the game in the correct order. xD

OMFG this game was so much fun. The atmosphere, the puzzles and my gawd the friggin' monster scared the crap outta me!! Awesome job devs <3

This was so much fun and I love the art style! The endings were really fun to get ... especially seducing him. >//> OMFG lol

Thank you for making this! <3


I can not express enough how much I enjoyed this game. LOL Thank you so much for making this, I had a lot of fun with it. XD

I really love the art design and characters for this. And I'll be honest I thought this was gonna go in a completely different direction but I am by no means disappointed! Awesome job <3 <3 <3 

This was the absolute best. I was ready to undertake a long winded super jumpscare inducing story line. But THIS! Was pure friggin' gold. Thank you for making this, I got a good laugh from it. xD

This was an absolutely gorgeous game. Got me in the feels in some strange ways but I loved the overall concept. <3

This was a great demo! I'm looking forward to the finished release of this game. <3 

Not the kind of blind date I was expecting but overall the experience was very interesting. I love the graphic style and the character development. ^^

OhMaiGaw!! OwO

This game is gorgeous and fits the holiday theme very well. Took me a few tries but I made it to level 12. Love the challenge each level and present has and the graphics are super cute. <3

I love the concept for this game.! It's disturbing and everything that I'd expect if Satan did Santa's job. lol

Aww thank you! >//<

I saw and have been keeping up to date on the kickstarter page. I'm really happy for you all. Can't wait to play the full version. 

I absolutely love this demo and can't wait for the full release. I noticed you guys are already so close to your goal on kickstarter which is super exciting. Looking forward to playing more in the future. <3 

This was an AMAZING game!! I really, really enjoyed it and can't wait for more games from you all. <3 

I had so many people tell me about one key thing I didn't realize. The monster can hear you through the mic!? That's genius!! I also take back what I said about it glitching ... I just didn't know. lol It was fun playing it for a second time. I got a lot further than I did last time. 

I was recommended to play this game by a couple people. I don't know if the game just hated me from the start but it glitched out on me. AND IT WAS BRILLIANT! xD 

It was a lot of fun, thank you for a crazy experience. 


This was an amazing experience. I never even thought about what it would be like to be in this situation during a zombie apocalypse. 

A lot of the topics they touched on really hit home for me too. Oh and did I mention the art is absolutely stunning!? I LOVE IT!!

This is great for a first time making a game! The animations are cute and simple. The game itself is easy to understand yet challenging. Thank you for reaching out to me. <3
Here's me attempting to be good at the game. lol

I'm seriously hooked on this game and can't wait for it to be finished! I know it's still in early development but I really enjoyed my experience. I did come across some strange bug that put me in an area I wasn't meant to be in so soon. But that didn't keep me from trying again. Awesome job Devs!!

I really enjoyed the overall concept for this game and had a blast getting scared and racking my brain for the answer. I did manage to find my way down and out. Also left some personal thoughts at the end of the video. Thank you devs for making this I can't wait to see what else you'll make. =D

This is such an adorable little horror game. I really enjoyed the art and music. <3

I absolutely love this game! The various art styles to figuring out what the story line was all about was awesome. Creep vibe and atmosphere was perfect. <3 The only feedback/criticism I can give is when the "thing" starts to chase you the camera turns to look at him and the main character turns automatically as you're trying to run away. Losing time and almost always getting caught because of it. Past that though, it's a wonderful game!! 

This was really cool for something that was made in 2015. I loved figuring out the story and the two endings were great!
Made sure to record my reactions and such to it. xD

I had an absolute blast playing this game! The graphics to the funny physics are perfect. I almost wish this was a GTA5 mod. lol I learned later that there are outfits and weapons you can attach to Ed (the shark) which only makes this game even better. 

I made a game play video of my first time playing it. Needless to say I had loads of fun. xD

I was recommended this game by a friend and wasn't sure what to expect. I have never screamed so loud in life over a game!! So unfair. lol It was a lot of fun though, and I see there's already a second game I'll have to check out. 

Even recorded it, so everyone can laugh at me. *WARNING HEADPHONE USERS*

I am absolutely in love with this and can't wait till this game is finished. I know it's still in early development but I really enjoyed how well I got sucked into the game. The story thus far and the atmosphere were simply amazing. Really looking forward to see where this game goes. <3 

I made a game play video on it too! 

So I was first introduced to this game from my youtube friend Directionally Challenged and finally decided to try it out for myself. I gotta say for a tower defense game it's awesome! It has more to offer and I'm loving the upgrades that you get. The pixel art and story line for what I've seen so far is amazing. I went ahead and bought it in early access on Steam. I'm looking forward to seeing where this game goes from here on. 

I made a video on the first map and will def. be doing the later levels. ^^

I absolutely loved playing this game! I love the mix of platformer and puzzles, not to mention the sound effects are the best. xD The rubberband and balloon are my favs. lol I made a video of the game play and my first impressions with it. I hope you enjoy and I'm looking forward to any further developments on this game. <3 <3 <3

I personally love puzzle games, but this was soooo weird!! lol It took me about 40 minutes to beat it 'cause a couple of them stumped me for a bit. But all in all the crazy, creative and incredibly dark imagery was insanely good!! 

10/10 will make a friend play so I can watch them solve the puzzles and freak out. xD

I made a video for this gem, and the reactions speak for themselves. 

I had a lot of fun with this game! It was short and I wish there was more. The trolliness and humour was great. Here's a game play I did on it! <3