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did you try getting the cat costume? MC mentioned i shouldget a dog costume (just thinking maybe  you got the scenes out of order or something)

Wow.. Here i thought i was the only one who wanted a route for him.

I'm havuing this issue too its aklready late september and for 2 months all i've been doing is visiting him everyday. (and jobs i power leveled my stgats super early)

Receptionist has saturdays off. (He chills in the mall fawning over the bear mascot)

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Yep i believe its to simulate the fact that irl jobs tend to overlap at time. As for the stat issue, you can save scum right when cat-boy says "thanks" just save and click,, if you gert below 10 just load again. The amount you increase is random when the learning anim starts. (Same for computer stuying. I recommend only purchasing the computer and spending money only on studying unti yourstats get high.(with the exception of trait items for jobs and dates, though try to always keep your money above your next rent amount) I hav 230, 460, 120 on june 1st (technique shouldnt need to go above 450 iirc, though i havent finnished a playthrough yet (got rekt by tha landlord on the first 50k day.) I am not ashamed to save scum a bit if it means experiencing this wonderful game. I hope this blueb helps.

Out of curiousity what is the difference between 3 star 4 star and 5 star audition. (is it just cosmetic or do you get a fame boost? Also whats the earliest you can get bast 2 star toru. I always seem to get stuck on 1 3/4 star until after the vacation no matter how many times i visit him (also i have max heart level)

Try using the desktop app. I had no trouble auto installing it  with the app.

Woow you guys released it a day early? or maybe theres a time difference, either way i can try it out. =]

DAAAAMN you guys are releasing it on my double shift at work. Talk about bad luck....

I'd also like to potentially refund. Is there a private way to send you my email. I'd rather not post it publicly.

RockRobin community · Created a new topic New songs
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So how do i unlock new songs, i had an event where i bullied beau into making a song robin liked it, but then nothing happens. no new wsong no mentioning of it at all,.

edit: of course 10 seconds after i write this robin writes a 2 star song XD

Just finnished a Toru playthrough and felt like squealling like a fangirl. Very unbecoming of a fanboy like me. =D Cant wait for the full game. Think ima play shiba next.

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Wierd I'll play through it again. I did get off a long shift at work, maybe i just blanked out. I appologse for the stress i likely put on you. =D keep up the hard work.

edit: just preordered the arrtbook edition. =D

Very certain. i was ACTIVELY searching for him and i didn't see him, while the producer DID introduce him, shiba still had the same dialogue. perhaps it was a fluke,

So i LOVED the new demo, but i did run into a small annoyance. In the original demo i remember triggering the event with shiba (at the mall) however i was unable to trigger said event in this version, but shiba still recognized me from when i helped him, (but i didn't help him) This is EXTREMELY minor, but it got me thinking, if you dont meet the characters right away will you run into them in predetermined scenes, and will there be a scene to correspond to you never meeting them before.

I will be preordering (get paid on mondays) , though i'd like more info about the artbook if possible.