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Thank you very much!

Thanks! Yeah I need to figure out how to mix audio. Learning! :)

Thank you!

Thank you so much! I really wanted to expand on this more to add upgrade systems, but as a first step this was a blast to make!

Nice work, wish there was a little more music during the game. Overall theme was perfect, but I didn't understand why you had to put the power ups on the actual game screen.

Great game! Very addicting, wanted to beat the whole thing. Wish there were music or sound fx!

Interesting game, but I wish there was a bit more content or something to show your progress.

Great work! Cute cat noises, and I loved how you made it about "killing" the cucumbers instead of just clicking something to see value go up.

I tried a few times, game won't let you jump or attack.

Also, how did you make your game fill up the screen, when we export unity web gl it's very small -


Very fun game with a great art style! :)