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A member registered Jul 24, 2022

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Hello, any update..... ?

Hellooooo, any update in 2023 ? with your opk i can playing with lot of pico game, thanks again !!!

Hello, what's more in the Deluxe version ?

Hellooooo, When the complete digital version will be avaible ?

You can ask some money for an update ? It may be good for the motivation...

Very pro ! And you made the french and US visual.... impressive.

Very pro... a futur ".gb" version avaible ?

Well, very good job... a new released this year ? ... to have more games running on Tac08.

Well, i take it... it's good for the motivation ! :D

It's running on RG280V, i have it.... BUT not the last games. We need a update for TAC08..... The question is : A new release this year ?

i hope a full game too.... impressive begining !

It's done !

...very impressive little game.

Hello, status = released... possibility to load the .gb or to buy it ? Thanks