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so no film grain filter? well i guess someone could feel bad playing like this but i agree the game* is made for be played with it i hope that people at least give it a try, i finished the game and it gives the perfect vibe! and...many plataforms?? thats so cool! congrats guys <3 

Feel's like a really good damn story with a funny,gore and sex scenes... seems perfect to me! Also omg Aiden VA is melting my ears(and everything else). The art is amazing, the music too!! I'm really looking forward to play 1st Degree!! keep the good work guys! <3

Poor Turkey, don't get mad with us! we really apreciate to redraw the clothes, and give quick fix on his face(i can see that you know), and i can see a really good improve and you don't know how much i love this, see a artist to redraw get better what already was pretty good! Keep the good work i want to see more of your drawnings~~

The VA is awesome! i mean listen that deep voice give me shivers, i love that kind of vampire.

So Crimson Spires is gonna be long with a long indivual routes? you don't how much this makes me happy!
tbh... i don't hate that kind of story that is linear with same story but different cgs and a couple scenes for the LI, but it's kinda boring? that don't sound unique... i like stories that makes me want to know what going to happen, that feels different because you indeed choose a different LI... I'm expecting so much things from Crimson Spires... but take your time, don't rush things give your best!

I see! it's make sense, thanks for you time to anwser me! its really kind ;)

haha ikr!i saw you made another game too, bad ritual right? when i have time i will play it too ;)

well your writing is fricking amazing o.O really i do love how you descibre the scenes and such, its pretty! im looking forward for the next chapter! Btw idk if just me but this font plus the black background if i read for too much time(like 10min?) its make my vision blur(i use glasses) , so i stop for some time, and start to read again... i really need some colorful background or something (could be like a random mannor background?) . like i said idk if im the only one

i love twisted stories(without a fluffy stuff, and more raw emotions), bad guys ,twisted guys it is always welcome you know! it is really diferent from the others novels and have thier own appeal, im waiting for the next chapters! btw the art is amazing!

well... this game have a great potencial i'm really looking forward for the next chapter! i loved the art and im hoping for a good back story from the crew also the story from the world they are in!

nice work! and relax, we know... we know you never gonna abandon us! keep the good work and please keep updating us, we want to know if you guys are alive! <3

Damn, thats really a good game, i felt everything, warm, fear, disgust ,love, anger... gratz i was not expecting this... good job, i love it !