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Hey! As you can see in the screenshots the font is meant to make a custom logo!
the sprites you're talking about is a little extra I added to give life to the clock!
this is how the font is described on the page:

  • Logo Background + Custom Font for you to make your own Logo

Hope that helps!

I decided on SUPAM because of super market -> supam.

Hey! While stardew valley is one of my favorite games, the fish aren't based on those sprites but drawn based on pictures of real fish! 

Hey! I do want to make more movies, but I have other packs planned first and don't want to promise a date. I'm sure implementing all the things from this pack will take a while anyway!

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No worries! I wasn't sure if I will include modular options so I didn't want to promise anything, but I'm happy I could help!

Hey there! Cozy Town is now available :)

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Hey! No you're not doing anything wrong, the surface would have to go into a second tile so it would have to be 16x32 for that to work, or the decorations would have to be placed in the middle of 16x32. To set the grid to a small number is what I would do too! But you could also offset the grid on the y axis.

yes that's right!

Ok, and is there a way for you to see the gif size? Because that's also the size of the building! If not let me know and I'll have a look at the sizes.

Happy to hear you like it! And thanks for your nice comment

At the moment I can only accept paypal, sorry!

All of my assets are always PNGs. I don't think I will make RPG maker specific ones, sorry! Hope you can make the ones provided work!

Hey! Do you mean to crop each building individually? I don't have that planned but each building (for each season) has a gif version, maybe you could use that? Hope that helps!

Aw! Happy to hear you enjoy the pack!

Hey! I promise I'm working on that too!

Aw! Glad to hear, hope you have fun!


Thank you!

Haha, glad you enjoy it that much!

Thank you!

Happy to hear!

Hey! In the folder called "pets" you will find two PNGs called Yorkie animation and cat animation, those are the sheets with all their animations.
The sub folders are called "yorkie" and "cat" and feature pre animated gif files.

Hey! That's absolutely fine, good luck with your game!

Hey! Thanks for letting me know! The next update will feature more clothing options and I'll make sure to reinclude the dress! For now might I suggest using a shirt and skirt in the same color? They blend together and make a dress :)

Hey! Not at the moment, sorry!

Once I have finishes all the updates I will include a big sheet with all animations!

Sorry, they don't!

Hey! I don't think I will add a dog to this pack, but I do have some dogs planned for the future!

Hey! Feel free to use the assets however it's easiest for you! If people exploit your game, that's not your fault and thank you for asking first!

Ah sorry about that! You have to use 32x32, the character is 20 pixels tall.

Thank you smittygame!

Sorry, but I don't have any socials!

Hey! I just added a hoe animation!

Hey! I just added a hoe animation!

Hey! I just updated the pack and added a version of the characters without the tools!

Hey! I just added a hoe!

Hello! I just updated the pack and all files now come sorted by animations. I hope that helps!

Hey! I just added a Hoe animation!

Santa said some programmers need some extra time, so it's ok! :)

No sorry! But good suggestion I'll make sure to write that down!