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The spatial build isn't linked yet - stay tuned as we have a huge update to the round 1 prototype! :)

I do be summoning demons! Nice one lads!

More to come for sure! Stay tuned in October!

Thanks for playing! We plan on making this a full release, which will have a lot more features and content.
We'll have a tutorial, some difficulty scaling, potion deck building, and more! :)

Thanks for playing! We plan on making this a full release, which will have a lot more features and content.
We'll have a tutorial, some difficulty scaling, potion deck building, and more! :)

Froggy's Wiz Biz: Last Delivery
We just finished our 20 second entry - you're a frog wizard finishing up a busy day of wizardry delivery and have 1 more order to go!

Check it out! Excited to know what you all think!

Sounds great! Here's our submission:

Thanks for playing! Good news is the hippo is from the 1996 timeless classic Sonic Schoolhouse :)

Awesome lengthy review and appreciate the time you took to write this and give feedback! Definitely could have optimized the game but wanted to move on at that point to other projects; but stay tuned for more!


Horror do be like that.

Thanks for playing, great video!!

Haven't had any reported issues on Mac OSX yet.
Email us with the error or a screenshot at and we can help troubleshoot :)

The Iris Enrichment Center would like to remind you that the Cake is  manufactured from 70% gluten and 30% unidentifiable gelatinous mold and is indeed physical.

Thanks for playing! 

Thanks queenfaith! More to come, stay tuned~

Appreciate it! We're on to our next game, so stay tuned! :)

Thanks for your feedback - we're working on it :) 

As for the portal bugs... yeah. Unfortunately the mechanic is a really hard one to restrict (definitely going to NOT use any portal mechanics in the future for this reason) but learned a bunch of lessons with coding and physics...   Thanks for the feed back and very much appreciated! Subscribed!

Iris Enrichment Center would like to warn you that going out of bounds may destabilize your reality.

Also fix incoming :)

Thanks for playing Meeka! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback!!

Thanks for playing! Subscribed! :)

Thanks for the feedback! We're working on some fixes now :)

Thanks! We had some time off for the winter break, and somehow came out with this!

Thanks for playing MathiasKaindl!

Thanks for playing 5mg! Always enjoy your vids!

Glad you enjoyed the mash up! We wanted to take off the "on rails horror experience" a bit and let you have fun! 

Thanks for playing!


 we're no longer allowed to make educational games ;)

So did we! >:]

Thanks for playing!!!

Thanks for playing Doflanico!

As much as we wish to flush this out and have it on mobile and steam, it's not our IP and its a spin off of Sega's IP, and we appreciate them!
So unfortunately we wouldn't be able to put this on Steam or Google Play.   We're aware of this and thinking of what we can do for future games ;)

Thanks for the comment @GamingInteractive!  We appreciate you!

good luck! I'm looking forward to the full release!

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Looks like you're playing an old copy! But check the pause screen for a little hint ;) (enter/return key)

Thanks for playing!

Anytime! Had a blast playing it too! :)

We just got off a kick playing touhou and jamestown and this totally hits the mark. Keep going with this!!!

Good job! Just to mirror the comment below, you can take this so much further and I think you should! Adding powerups and enemies, throw in some crazy bosses!

This has great bullet-hell vibes! And the art style has a nice charm to it!

Quite puzzling!
Really enjoyed the mechanics of this and felt fresh!

I regret trying to play this at 3 am and injured my brain.
Really enjoyed the puzzle mechanic! I think it'd be helpful to have a camera rotation method to see the cube from another perspective, as if you stack cubes too high it blocks your point of view and makes it hard to strategize. 

Good job!!

*yeets into mist* , great job!

Enjoyed this parkour game! We're a big fan of platformers like this so definitely jived, but was a bit surprised at the download size. Maybe it's worth further optimizing the assets to cut that down?

Keep going with this, it'd be awesome to see some different environments!

Keep going on this! Enjoyed it a lot!

We went into this without trying to watch the examples or read the description (just based off of a pic), and this is awesome! You don't even really need to teach the player as the first level gives a good example of being an evolved version of the "snake" game that we used to play on flip phones and neopets (don't @ me with the meerca chase).  

Definitely had an oh sh*t moment when I rolled up on myself hah. I think you can definitely take this one step further by syncing lights or highlighted areas to music, and that would take it a step further visually. 

But you should be taking this to a full release, it's quality!

For anyone looking for Maxime's game - you can find it here!

This game is surprisingly therapeutic...
It deserves a full mobile release! get to it!! :)

Definitely took a couple tries as the intro stage confused me - I think you could take this a step further by having a quick intro cutscene pointing out the controls, and mechanics. Great job!

Helps for others if you post a direct link to your game here @MaximeGammaitoni!