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unfortunately it seems like I can't play since the game itself stretches outside the borders of my screen?

I'm rereading this and I've decided I like the accidental ability Evelyn gains to walk on walls with her girlfriend, fueled by the power of lesbianism. Probably will fix this, but for now I like that I've accidentally made this canon. Also, I'll be drawing Evelyn and Maria soon, but be patient as I am no artist

I'm so, so happy you like it so much!!!! Like, I'm honestly happy flapping (I'm autistic) right now because I'm thrilled you love it and the world I've created! Thank you so much for finding all these glitches, it helps tremendously! :D

Thank you so much! I'll update the description and work on that glitch right away once I get my laptop back!

Thank you so much!


This is really cute n neat!

Day 1: Created concept, storyline, and sketched out level plan for the first level (House). Figured out how to import images into Stencyl and have finished the Idle, Jump (not included, pic too big and i'm too lazy to resize simply for the log), and Walk animations for the main character. Also created a block for the tileset (will polish later, as I consider it a victory to simply figure out how to upload it, as I didn't realize I had my default scale set to x4)-- I still need to figure out how to make my character not fall through the tiles, however. Going to be watching some tutorials.  Also encountered a rather funny bug when I was still figuring out scaling in animation frames, as you can see in the video below!

Hey there, my name is Solas (they/them) and this is the first game I'm creating....well, ever! Not a lot to say about me, except I really have a passion for learning, which I hope shows in my finished project! Apologies if my Devlog is a bit messy, as I've never kept one before. I'm hoping to make a simple platforming game with a suspenseful atmosphere. The latter is secondary, however, as I simply want to make a finished project from all of this.

PLOT: "2014. Pacific Coast of Russia. You're a gay teenager who's about to be outed to your family through an intercepted letter from your boyfriend in Norway. Fortunately, a friend of yours has a boat and is willing to take you to South Korea, where you can seek asylum. But even getting to the docks won't be easy...."


- Figure out how to use Stencyl

- Make at least one finished level

- Figure out what next steps are once these two goals are complete :P

Hi there, my name is Solas and I live in Wisconsin, where I'm a 19 year old college student. This is my first game jam, and I've never created an actual game before in my life tbh. I figured I might as well try it. My favorite games are Portal and BotW, although I'm creating a platforming game. I really like video games, though, as well as software development. I just want to create a simple finished project while learning more about game development.