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Yes! Japanese voiced!

I think this is talking about the neglect play in foreplay mode.

Though, I think masturbation during night has anything to do with it because I encountered those CGs even though I didn't use the computer.

Back-up the save folder inside your directory. Just extract your newly downloaded game and put the save directory there.

After that, you can delete your old game.

Also encountered this when I was playing but didn't bother to report. lol

Another bug(?) that I encountered was during foreplay with Toru, you can press the skip(ctrl) button and you will perform the last action you did on him.

If you're talking about the game version, I think you need to redownload the game.

No separate patch.

None yet. Only auditions guide.

Getting best ending is very easy though.

Contact meyaoi or itch for that I guess.

Iirc, he will meet you in Feb 11 too to remind you about Valentine's day. You must also win the award.

Don't have save files for good and bad ending though but here.

Finally! 100% complete!

Yep, did all of that

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Clicking that button should automatically start your download

Did you miss any of these dates? If yes, that is why.

June 15 (1st encounter)

June 16

July 3

August 16

September 16

October 16

What I meant with date is the dates I should not skip because iirc, I made him blush everytime, greeted him on his birthday and went to ponpon island with him.

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Can anyone please share their save files for Shiba and Tocchan good ending?

Also, any dates for Fudanshi? I did all encounter and still got default Haato good ending.

iirc, no  gift needed.

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Me too


1st: After topping during the festival, lose to the rock paper scissors in your next sexy time.

2nd: Keep dressing him with cat costume every sexy time, it will be triggered eventually.

Yo! Any updates on this CGs guide?

Probably, time skip is unlocked.

Only best ends unlock cheats.

meyaoigames said in aarinfantasy forum that the voiced version is a free patch.

No specific date. Just keep talking to him. If you still haven't got his number, then, you're not close enough to him. You cannot even date him yet iirc.

Never mind. Got it.

I don't know if it is random or has any relation with what I did but I got it on September.

The Sunday before I got the CG, I submissively topped him for CG completion.

However, that time, he's preference is still submissive top.

Just keep on befriending him. Nothing special to do if I am not mistaken.

I already bought the dog costume for Shiba and yet I can't trigger the CG or scene for it.

I've been talking to him for months after buying the costume.

I've finished the game without the CG/scene appearing.

I've replayed a file before I got the dog costume and was able to buy it again in June. It is already September but there's still no scene/CG.

Is there a required sexual preference?

Is it only random?