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It's super-useful to have that guide - esp as the game has the 'score' aspect for best driving practices!!

It also maybe distracts people a BIT from learning trains properly - I had to force myself to turn-it-off  - I believe remapping is possible so maybe I need to remap to TS settings to avoid having to think so hard? :)

Maps found - MUCH happier when I know where I'm going!!

One small issue - the 'tutorial' function which suggests what to press seems to be less useful than it was in earlier releases?  I'd disabled it for areas I was comfortable driving but I ran a scenario today which ended in a terminus and following the on-screen instructions led me to crash into the buffers!

It also gets confused in some stations - you stop and it keeps suggesting you apply/release the brakes over and over?

I'm ALMOST grown-out of it but I imagine new players may be confused?

Firstly I see DRS appearing on my 'coming soon' list on Steam - woot!

Secondly - is there any way to see a map of the world that DRS is set-in?  I like to have an idea of where I am/going - even if it's just a JPG - just so I can see where everything is in relation to everywhere else??

Also loving the new shader/style - tho it's had a bit of an effect on performance - new PC looms I guess!!