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nobody can touch my man Fryman

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This game was genuinely amazing, the writing was really good.

I love your silly games although it wasn't as silly as expected, good job! 

Take care brother.

Kinda disappointed because I purchased this game but I think I'm gonna buy it on steam again because it's really cheap. 

I admit my defeat, take care

OMG they finally fixed the game smh

Those croccos seem like real cool dudes


This is amazing! Can't wait for the full release

Hell yeah, the best valentines day ever

I checked, cool game really

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Trolley Problem Artstyle, I have yet to check this masterpiece

Pretty cool!

Ayyy Happy Birthday!!!

You guys are going to hit it big, I can tell by just the demo, it's an amazing game! 

You can be sure as hell I'm gonna get it as soon as it launches!

It's amazing that you actually came back to this project. I like this one!

Chris... Chan!?

Awww :(

Some day I will get one!

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I bet it's good, heard a lot of good things about it, can't play because my pc is trash tho

So... I basically play myself? Cool!

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(and space American waifu)

OoOoh I'm gonna get it as soon as it launches

I love this game very much!

Didn't manage to finish it yet (mostly because this fricking clown, if you could make him a little bit easier I would be really glad) but it's very good from what I've played, the fear of literally everything in this game makes it very good.

I would suggest (like a lot of people here) some sort of multiplayer, it would feel kinda like Don't Starve Together but I think it would be cool.

Thank you for this awesome game (and for the controller support lol, it really makes the game more fun)

So you say that I can beat furries without consequences?

Don't mind if I do!

just a joke

stupid question but can I play without VR?

Ayo Mr.White what the fuck

Lesss gooooooo

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Holy shit chess 2 happened

And I love it

Cool game, now I know all about grub lore

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I fear no man

But that thing...

It scares meSans 3D Turntable | Undertale | Know Your Meme

Great job, I will buy it when it comes out 10/10

Please fix that bug that appears when you jump in shielded penguin and when you attack it crashes the game (I mean there is no need to fix it but you can).

I love it. Grafics are amazing and the story is fantastic, if you don't think if you want to buy it trust me, the random stranger from the internet and do it.