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can these be used in commercial titles?

can these be used in commercial titles?

can we use these assets in a commercial project?

are the 5 characters [ghost and live form] animated? and if so what animation cycles [e.g., walking, idle, etc.]? or are the 5 characters static? before we purchase this pack for our commercial title, we'd like to know. thanks.

outstanding work!!!

what is the player character size [eg, 32x32, etc]? can you please indicate the player character and enemy character dimensions before we can make this purchase? thanks.

Sorry about the confusion about my question. I am asking, will you permit your game art to be used in a commercial game [a game that will be sold]? Do we have your permission to do that, or do you want your game art to be used only in free projects? we have a commercial title and would like to consider using your art.

what's the license on this asset pack, can it be used in commercial titles?


In this example of the extension “Shake Object (position, angle, scale)”, you can unselect “object” and select “camera” and then the shaking happens to the whole screen.

I added that extension to my project, but no matter what I do I cannot how to shake the layer/screen/camera … it only gives me options to shake an object.

Can you please help me figure out what I’m doing wrong? I really want the advanced options that example shows to be applied to the camera, but I dont know how to do it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help.

the snowman is missing in the zip file, is there any way you can add it please? thank you.

what are the character sizes [eg 16x16x 32x32, etc]?

are the fonts also included in this package? the font is really good.

are the items with or without a shadow [hopefully without a shadow]...can you please let me know if they're available without shadows?

hello, is there anyway you can please make a single sprite sheet with all the monkey animations on them?

thank you very much for the feedback. i went to the reddit tread you mentioned and read it. i think i will not take a chance and use the assets in my commercial game, it would be ok in a personal project. thank you again for your help on this.

can these characters be used in a commercial game [not NFT]? if so, are there any restrictions [i.e., do we have to give credit to you, etc.]?

thank you very much. i appreciate you.

hello everyone, I am not a legal expert...but can you get into legal trouble if you use these sprites in a commercial game, because they look a lot like the characters in the game Among Us. Does anyone know if these sprites can be used without any legal issues?

is there any way to have the sprite sheet with the character shadows removed? Can you please save an updated version [to include a without shadow version also]?

hello, great job, wanting to use your art in our commercial title. I have a question: do you have a animation key? in another words, in version 1.4, do you have a guide as to which frames are for walk, idle, hit? all the animations are on a single sheet and its difficult to determine on which frame the walk sequence starts/ends, etc. Please advise, thank you.

can these tiles be used in a commercial game?

great art, what are the tile sizes [eg, 8x8, 32x32, etc]?

great work, what are the tile sizes [eg, 8x8, 32x32, etc]?

OMG, this brings back wonderful memories. Miner was my all time favorite game, i played it on the Atari 5200.

is there anyway you can update the character animations to include the dust-fx when landing, and dying like shown in the GIFs on this page? or at least to have a separate file for the dust-fx appearing and fading out? all your characters [not just these on this page] are great, but loose a lot of their wonderful personality without the little things like the fx shown. 

great thanks for reconsidering your license soon as the game is done, we'll post a link to it so you can see your assets in action. Happy New Year!

is there anyway you can reconsider the license for your assets to also allow for commercial use [at least for the coin] so it can be used along with your hand drawn knight and barbarian? Please advise, because those two characters are great, and it'll be awesome to be able to use [at least] the coin.

Thank you for your reply. Yes you are correct, I meant miner [sorry for the typo in the original post]. what would you charge/the rate be if you were commissioned to do such a pack? A miner, a couple of friendly characters/creatures, a couple of enemy/baddies, various pickup items [map, treasure chest, key, money bag, different types of gems/food], mine cart [animated wheels], tools [pickaxe, shovel, tnt, lantern, flashlight]. 

GrafxKid, is there any way you can do a set [with your unique art style] for a minor character [minor, and tools like pickaxe, mine cart, and maybe 1 or 2 friendly characters, and 1 or 2 enemies/baddies]? is there anyway you can fit that in your schedule?

cool, thanks for explaining how you did it. I'll do the same. Thanks again.

Hello: is there any way to please add the animated cards also? not for all 52 cards, just the different color background for blank face-card?

cool, thanks

great thanks a million. when you have time to add the enemy kill, bonus object pickup fx; can you also please add the animated bottle .... that looks awesome. thanks a million

is there anyway you can include the glowing fire-flies and the glowing color-masks for the crystals and the light lamps? also, is there any way you can include the fx of enemy killed and objects picked up? the asset pack does not include these wonderful stuff. Thanks in advance.

is there anyway to export just the skull attacks as PNG spritesheet and not PSD? its all in PSD, and dont want to waste your time with exporting everything as png just the skull attack?

can this be used in a commercial title? what is it published under [e.g., public domain]? please let me know, we'd love to use it in a commercial title and give you credit for it; but we need to hear from you soon as we are looking at other characters. thank you in advance for your help/attention to this matter.

are the powerups animated or single-sprite images?

wishing your game a great success. any plans to ever release the assets [art / audio] to other developers to download and use in other games or are the assets only for the game you've created?

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are the FX included also: for example, the bomb explosion fx and also the cannon firing and the fx out of its barrel? one last question: are these characters 32x32 or some other size?

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is it possible for you to post animated samples of the other enemies so we can look and decide before purchasing? you have lots of enemies listed, but show animation only for some of them. Thank you in advance. also, do the animations include the particle / dust effect (for example, the chicken running has the dust trail) one last question: are these characters 32x32 or some other size?