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cool, thanks for explaining how you did it. I'll do the same. Thanks again.

Hello: is there any way to please add the animated cards also? not for all 52 cards, just the different color background for blank face-card?

cool, thanks

great thanks a million. when you have time to add the enemy kill, bonus object pickup fx; can you also please add the animated bottle .... that looks awesome. thanks a million

is there anyway you can include the glowing fire-flies and the glowing color-masks for the crystals and the light lamps? also, is there any way you can include the fx of enemy killed and objects picked up? the asset pack does not include these wonderful stuff. Thanks in advance.

is there anyway to export just the skull attacks as PNG spritesheet and not PSD? its all in PSD, and dont want to waste your time with exporting everything as png just the skull attack?

can this be used in a commercial title? what is it published under [e.g., public domain]? please let me know, we'd love to use it in a commercial title and give you credit for it; but we need to hear from you soon as we are looking at other characters. thank you in advance for your help/attention to this matter.

are the powerups animated or single-sprite images?

wishing your game a great success. any plans to ever release the assets [art / audio] to other developers to download and use in other games or are the assets only for the game you've created?

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are the FX included also: for example, the bomb explosion fx and also the cannon firing and the fx out of its barrel? one last question: are these characters 32x32 or some other size?

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is it possible for you to post animated samples of the other enemies so we can look and decide before purchasing? you have lots of enemies listed, but show animation only for some of them. Thank you in advance. also, do the animations include the particle / dust effect (for example, the chicken running has the dust trail) one last question: are these characters 32x32 or some other size?

i will respect your wishes; and make sure your artwork is treated as you prefer and not used it in a commercial title. thank you for your reply.

can these be used in a commercial title or are they copyrighted?

hello, can these characters be used in a commercial game?