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You are on a right track. You can throw a rock so it will fall and if the hive is still too close to you throw another one on it so it will get further from your place. There is also another way but it includes secret weapon which you can obtain later so it is more of an easter-egg solution. I have to check if I included also third option but I believe the rock is the safest solution, just think about where will it fall

Start with something simple

Something you are sure you can finish from start to finish

Something like “walking simulator” when you need to get across corridor while collecting pages

You can always add more features later

It might be too overwhelming if you start with too many things on your mind

Sorry, too many things happening at work.

Kinda miss the question, what do you need help with? If you need help with progress in the game just message me on X.  I am trying to make this comment section spoiler free :)

I already have something on my mind but it requires so much more time that I don’t have right now. Hopefully in near future I will be able to create a demo at least…

Update will probably be more problematic because the PC I build this project on got HDD corrupted so it is no longer possible to rebuild/update/patch the game (not in a traditional way)

Steam is out of my reach. For me was and always will be home for small indie projects. You also need a registration fee and a lot of paperwork to be done in order to publish on steam.

yes, there are some very interesting tools out there already available. Thanks to AI you are able to record a video of yourself and convert it to skeletal animation compatibile with unreal engine.

Don’t want to promote any specific product but magical words for internet search are ” video to mocap” 

One is especially good and it is produced by a company that also made a very popular and affordable motion capture suite

yes I did. 

some of them were hand made in blender using IK, some of them were captured using my homemade lowcost mocap system :) and specific animations are pocedural using post process realtime update to respect physical obstacles

Thank you very much. It means a lot. It’s great to hear someone enjoy the thing you put yourself into.

This game is made by n UE4

Thank you very much. It's always nice to hear that someone likes something you've made

thank you

I would love to but optimization is nightmare and making touch input to work nicely with the fame might be tricky

I am sorry. No plans for multiplayer

Take a look around the well ;)

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nice catch I’ll try to tweak the physics more.

Update might took a while because I lost some data after HW failure :(

thank you

All updates are compatible. You should be able to continue from your save without any problem.

thanks for playing, gonna check the playtrough soon

Spot on summary. Last ending discoverd. I can sleep well now.

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll try to investigate it further and probably get in contact with dev team

Hi, if you dowloaded the game directly from website make sure to extract the correct file:

If you are still having problems dowloading the game from website I personally recommend using itchio application because of automatic updates and ease of use.

Do you mind message me on twitter/discord? I was getting only positive feedback on this specific puzzle so far so I can’t just remove it but I would like to discuss your difficulties with it and verify something.  Maybe find more optimal solution most probably for asisted mode.

My goal is to make the puzzles challenging but not frustrating. So if someone struggles with the puzzle I would like to provide as much clues as possible but don’t ruin the puzzle experience  at the same time. 

Check your journal. Also another hint is in computer notes. If you did not read the notes or simply forget about another cave, there is also a  hint if you tried to open locked watchtower door. It will updated your journal with aditional info. You probably miss the second cave. In order to get the key you need to solve the red box puzzle.

Hope this will help you. Feel free to contact me on twitter or discord for further help.

I am glad it works now. Well yes, some of those things already are in the game, but there are some very interesting ideas to consider ;) For future updates unfortunately I need to focus on some projects at my work so most probably no new content for next few months…

I bumped the build number and re-upload it. Than I download it form itch on a different PC just to make sure it's independent from my local build. I tried mouse, x-box controller and remapped ps3 controller. I also sent a link to my friend for a test and she confirms that it's working for her. 

I updated uploading tool right before original 1.7 upload so something might mismatched when generating patch from 1.6 to 1.7 (my local 1.7 worked as expected)

If by any chance you are going to try it, please let me know if it works now.

Thanks. I really appreciate it

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Everything works as expected on my side. Toggle is saved and properly restored, invert also works in game. If you are still having difficulties try to re-download the game.

Also feel free to join the discord server for bug reporting. There's much higher chance for me to find your messages.

Yes, the update is coming. It’s almost ready, I am testing it right now.

show-more #9940

contact me on twitter or discord 

message me on discord/twitter I will help you

You must find a way to get over the container that is blocking your way (2 solutions).

Electric lock is really interesting but it’s a part of another secret ;)

thanks for playing

Sure, hopefully in a few days. Some very nice changes/updates are comming.

Finally got my hands on the controller support and the game input config got messed up after the engine update and rebind navigation buttons to open/close menu. Everything is working now

Message me on discord or twitter. No spoilers in comments section ;)

Sometimes the servers are down so hopefully it will be resolved soon

singleplayer only

Don’t worry :) When the game is opening an inventory it means it want you to interact using an item from inventory. Like door and key. If you read the log you will find out that this battery is discharged and needs to be replaced. Fortunatelly there is one near the cabin (search outside, it’s very close).

You should definitelly be able to grab battery even if it is stucked in environment. Every inspecatbale item has disabled collision response during inspection. Please send me pic/video if you are able to capture it. 

Not sure about what do you mean by grabbing/deleting multiple items. You can grab as many items as you want and only non quest related items can be discarded.

The factory area definitely has some flaws in favor of the puzzle part. There are "safe" areas just to give player some time to explore. I am still thinking of ways to make this area more intense, but reasonably playable at the same time. I already have some ideas for the next update.