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this genuinely looks like a rootin’ tootin’ good time. The card based mechanics tie in so nicely with the genre of the game, and the prompts for generating events are hilarious.

I wish I’d written this. From the cover through the rules to the layouts and onward, this is everything you need to weave a compelling narrative driven by thematic mechanics. It’s gorgeous to look at and I absolutely cannot wait to play it.

Vibrant, knock your socks off splashes of colour and chaos collide with the familiar format of a classic OSR dungeon here. It’s a perfect recipe for a stylish and fun acid trip adventure. Had a blast reading it, cant recommend it highly enough.

There are lots of things going on here that I really like. I love the safety tools. I love how inclusive this game is. I love the thirst mechanic-- which can be exactly as chaste or hungry as you want it. It's like if all of my favourite parts of queer culture and old school games started grinding on each other and I'm here for it.

BLESS YOUR HEART I love you. Thank you. 100% awesome.

It super duper wasn't! I have fixed the issue, you're a saint for pointing it out.

Thanks, partner. We aim to please.

I printed out a copy and found the same thing, yeah! I wonder what happened— the font inside the tables is exactly the same font as the body text.

I just got back from a day trip with my toddler, but in a couple of hours I’ll update the file. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention!

No, not at all. The tables are just that, tables, and the text shouldn’t be rasterized anywhere in the book. I’ll make some edits this weekend to the printer friendly version and remove the tables. Thanks for the heads up!

Thank you! Each piece of art in Moonlight Necromancy is a blend of my own hand drawings and some photo-bashing of some AI stuff.