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Oh ok, Thanks :]

Hey man I love the art and plan on using it for a game I'm working on. I just needed to ask if I can use this for a commercial game.

Please let me know as soon as possible to delay as minimum progress as possible


Shotgun :]

Oh ok

what game engine do you use

wow that was really cool

No problem, this is just honest feedback :]

wow that was really cool

████████╗  ██╗░░██╗  ██╗  ░█████╗░  ░█████╗░BOI ╚══██╔══╝  ██║░░██║  ██║  ██╔══██╗  ██╔══██╗ ░░░██║░░░  ███████║  ██║  ██║░░╚═╝  ██║░░╚═╝ ░░░██║░░░  ██╔══██║  ██║  ██║░░██╗  ██║░░██╗ ░░░██║░░░  ██║░░██║  ██║  ╚█████╔╝  ╚█████╔╝ ░░░╚═╝░░░  ╚═╝░░╚═╝  ╚═╝  ░╚════╝░  ░╚════╝

wow that was really cool

No problem, I really Hope this game get some more updates as I'm sure it could be big in the game industry. :]


oh i clicked the button that says "rate this game"

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The game is good but I think that when you don't have enough tickets to purchase something from the shop it should tell you.. Like maybe the text can be red when you don't have enough tickets or screen shake when you click it or even both

Good game would love to see it improve, I've written a more detailed review so check that out

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Nah ur just bad at the game I beat it first try on 20 fps


Hi, I'm an experienced programmer used to working under pressure. I'm looking for an artist and somebody that specializes in the music and sound effects field. If you think you fit the position i'm looking for then please dm me on discord my tag is ShotgunFlamez#7002


Are you still looking for a programmer? Because if yes then i'd be more then happy to volunteer :]

The game is fun but I found the controls very hard

Yea.. I know I forgot to change the dash timer to 0.75 seconds so rn it's 0.5 seconds... Thanks so much 4 the review please feel free to let me know if there are any other bugs as i am already working on a post jam version of the game! :]

Yea.. I know I forgot to change the dash timer to 0.75s and so it stayed 0.5s... Thanks so much 4 the review please feel free to let me know if there are any other bugs as i'm already working on a post jam version of the game! :]

It's not an intentional bug you can scroll down to mayhem cat's comment where i explained why music is always late in a reply.. :] 

I'm glad you enjoyed and thx 4 the feedback, lemme know if you find any more bugs as i have every intention of turning this into a post jam game as well! ;]

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Thanks 4 the tip! I will ofc let u know if i find a better workaround to this problem! :]

p.s I did wanna make a menu screen but with the chaos in my team i was a lot busier with sound effects which unfortunately didn't ever make it to the game as they were so bad they decreased the experience it's the same reason we never made a logo 4 the game or anything of the sort..


EPIC GAME! Loved the music and amazing art!! 1 complaint i do have is that there are to many background particles that distract me from the main game.. it makes it very hard to see.. but other then that, AWESOME JOB!

Thanks so much glad you enjoyed it! 

Also let me know if there are any bugs that need to be dealt with as i do plan on working on this game as a post jam project! :]

Thanks so much! Also the music starts late because that's just how GDevelop works it won't play an audio file till the user has interacted with the game enough.. idk why but that's how it works even in my previous game Boss Fight(another submission to a jam) the music always starts late. 

Thanks again 4 the awesome feedback also if you spot a bug let me know! :]

Can you link me to the new jam if the page is done

Thankyou soo much! :]

So i did wanna add sound effects but(I'll try my best to make the reason not sound like a rant ;] ).. My teammate that was in charge of sound effects actually never responded after joining the team or contribute in any way... I eventually got so worried about sounds that i decided to work on them myself but i'm worse then i thought and was able to not make a single sound effect!

This wasted too much time and eventually i had to rush through debugging and other stuff..

There was going to be a shield powerup for immunity but the project file had some issues so every time the player was in collision with the shield it would crash the game(I know it was a problem with the shield cuz when i ran the same code in an empty project  it didn't crash i also contacted the MOD of the gdevelop discord and he concluded with the same thing)!

i will! :]

Is the game released! This screenshot is tempting

Snoopeth your a talented artist and a nice guy! :] I can't imagine the time you must take to make all of these sprites and then you just give them out for FREE! That's a very nice thing to do especially since a lot of devs aren't amazing at pixel art and need good assets, for their games! 

Thanks again for the amazing assets! :]

hmmmm... How about the theme is "No Winners?"... also if you need an extra hand i can help organize the jam as well as spread the word

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oh well. i don't think you'll be playing my game as i don't have game maker i was just checking if anybody could use an artist so that i could improve my art skill under pressure 

Hi Kashti,

Are you still looking 4 an artist because i would be happy to volunteer!

If yes please dm me on discord ShotgunFlamez#7002

If no it's ok

Cutie jam 1 community · Created a new topic Next Jam?

Will there be a next jam sometime soon

I think it's a very fun game! I especially enjoy swinging around the map with the boulder! :) BUT the game isssss quite glitchy

This is actually really fun! :) GG!