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How do I play this - with an emulator?  I can never figure out how to configure PC keyboards to play with them...

Parasite community · Created a new topic Thank You

I just claimed a free key you posted over on Rogue Temple.  Thank you.  Will be trying it out over the coming days.  Nice one.

Hi ,  fantastic concept and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.  Sadly we will have to wait until Summer 2018 to buy the full version,  if I understand correctly...  :(

I would like know if anyone can share with me how the editor works.  I think I finally found the 'secret' key on my German keyboard (it seems to be ^).  When I press it in-game I get a red cornered curser and can mess around by dragging and deleting stuff - but that's all I can do - I am clueless.

There are also 3 small white symbols^in the top right corner: a zero, a smiley and an arrow pointing right.  Can anyone offer a bit of assistance please?

I agree, great game and I can't wait for the full version.  Unfortunately I can't get the editor working and was wondering if you'd care to share some of yours?

Hi and thanks for replying.  I'm using Avast anti-virus and every time I tried to run the exec. file I got a warning and the file was quarantined as it supposedly contains 'FileRepMalware'.

I managed to figure out how to exclude the file so I can now enjoy your game.  It's very nice and I hope it scratches an itch I've had for years, you see I used to play a game called Fire which was based on a very old DOS game I believe (it might have been called Olaf or something).  I don't seem to be able to find it any more.

Hi, I wanted to try this game but my anti virus removed it as it was deemed a threat!  Help - game looks so cool