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chapter 2 yes you have to pay but for chapter 1 is free

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hello i fnished your game and enjoyed it , but there is 2 things i wanna say
1-putting rezero MC as some thug made me laugh so hard i almost choked
2-i know this game is mostly 18 but i'd enjoy it more if some characters are not just erotic like 1 or 2 normal cute romance character with out nsfw stuff 
just saying, it's alright if you don't want to but anyway i enjoyed your game (:

there is a download button on this page
but its only chapter 1 for free 
chapter 2 is on patreon because it's early 

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i played this game like 2 years ago and forgot about it and
FINALLY I FOUND IT!!!! i remembered Fantoccio the Great's song 

thank god i thought you guys were dead

its alright

1- i really love the style of the game although some places and backgrounds need some props to feel more alive

2-the background music feel a little repetitive but it alright

3-i loved the characters look but there is two things kinda annoy me about them, (1)-when they talk it sound like ''Animal Crossing'' its kinda bad but its alright if it stays the same, (2)-the way they move and look around make you feel like they are screaming I AM NPC!!!, it would be great if they act a little more realistic like sitting while talking to you or moving their arm while talking.
in the end i liked your demo and hope to see more update
have a great one (:

i'm waiting for a few updates like 1 or 2 and then i will try it again

you are right i found out but thank you for at least telling me

good luck with Godot
although i liked the old style but its ok

the game crash when you do nothing in the camera roo

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1-the idea of the protagonist being a pot of plant made me laugh soo hard

2-the small movement and the art style is actually soo cute i'm impressed 

3-the background makes the place look like a post-apocalypse and i liked it

4- the end was weird and kinda cute(:
 the game is nice but it could be better with a proper story (:

i thought the protagonist would look like this '_'

oh ok

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is it me or did you put your other game's photo in this page

its Creepy Creepy Love

my life changed after this update

too late to have tip

i didn't expect you to come hear and say it out of the blue 
see ya 

glad to hear that

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not gonna lie but the game indeed made me laugh out loud
the character design was super cute 
the protagonist was a dog-shit which i liked it (:
sometime i kill myself on purpose just to see death message (Thank you so much for making this piece of art)
the demon king be like:

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Finally we play as andrew tate
and the game turns into star wars  
nice job, zuneku
bye the way try to add alot of paper items inside the drawers so it doesn't look like no one is working

you better be 
see ya

to be honest i just guessed most of the words plus i thought this game was
about girl and boy but i got stabbed in the back

you should put the right TAG on the game 
this is gay

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i didn't like any human character (for some reason) but the game still great , i hoped you could date the other jell (without dying) but it's alright

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the story is playing with my emotions which is good 
but i think this game makes me hate humans and the future even more hahahaha 
i actually enjoyed it and looking for the next chapter
take your time (:

but out of all names you chose peter, worst name to me -_-
BTW there is a problem with the android pouting face
(i know its an AI problem just saying)

looks really nic

procrastination is a fetal enemy indeed 

don't worry i'm patient  though i use pc

you are coming back right (:

thank you

no English translation?
sorry but i can't understand Thai language 

didn't but i will give it a try

hope it turns out good (:

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i liked the Ray-k characters and i'm interested in the full game and i enjoyed your VN and thank you (btw you have a weird choice of music-__-)

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  (Recommend it)
that was pretty funny and cute i didn't expect this much fun
i liked the mini games its was soo fun playing them 
i'm impressed that you guys combined VN romcom and RBG
i laughed at most of the jokes 
and the music in this game is chaotic and i liked it 

thank you both for making this game it really putted a smile on my face (:

that was so wholesome and cute 
good for you for reaching 10K
and thank you for the experience (:

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after playing :  (You should give it a try)
Good things 
1- this is one of my favorite art styles it is sooo good
2- one of the case files is so hard i squeezed my mind to solve it which makes a good challenge for the player i hope you can add more challenges
3- the main menu is soo cute to look at and it gave me a good jumpscare

Bad things
1- some of the background is not colored which is fine,  it still a demo (;
2- the game lacks background music i had to hear my own music
3- most of the choices led to the same thing which is fine,  still a demo (;
4-  there is some typo problems:

sometimes rose call me ethan in the letter she sent or she call me this:

and there are other typo like thesemaybe the MC likes HALO
other then that, this is a ,,Masterpiece getting cooked
i had so much fun playing it and i hope you had fun making it thank you (: