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i really like this VN but there is one problem
the main character is a bit annoying because he keeps changing his mood ALOT, when i choose no he became problematic all of a sudden and when i say yes he become super romantic its kinda funny actually 
i liked the art style except the girl's CG when she is about to kill you
i give it 8,5/10  thank you for reading (:

i will be waiting

super cute art style

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my review: (SPOILER kinda?)
1- everything happen so fast in the story and i couldn't understand much in the beginning but i understand later

2- the english translate of the game seem a bit janky like instead of saying ''Hmm'' or ''Ehh?'' its say ''M'' and ''A?'' and sometimes it turns into russian  and it happend 3-5 time and i missed some important scenes include : before the hospital (the text in the black screen)

3- the story in the middle of the game almost made me cry

in the end its not finished and i'm not mad at all, i'm really happy with what you made even though you made this alone, i enjoyed it
i give it 6/10 needs some improvement and thank you for reading, Recnil (:

i really liked the art style,
but what's really made this game different is the custom answer
its the first time i see something like that
as a demo i give it 9/10 not much routes which is fine because its still the first part,
thank you 

its ok

looks pretty neat

as a demo i saw more than i expected
i liked the art style the background and the music
what i really like is the 2 meters idea 
i see a good future for this game and i hope you had fun making it 10/10 nice for a demo

art style is magical i can't stop watching the sunflower
over all i give it 9/10

مصر ام الدنيه

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i thought you guys know arabic

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 و النعم حسام
يعني انتو رهيبين 

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why is there two downloads 1gig and 2gig ? (oh nevermind i now know why)

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its hard to not die in the 1010boy because of the way i move is it doable to escape?

i will see about that now that i don't have anything to do

eng ver?

this game gives me alot of awkward memory

yeah i'm on discord long time ago
btw no need to rush making the game alright

for you too

i really recommend it for horror and plot twist fans
when it come to school i'm a nerd
but if its about plot twists i'm a nut head
i give it 9,5/10 
soo would you like to explain the end mr dev?

i hope this game won the jam

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Recommended for 15 warm gameplay
(after playing)
- wow this game has the warmest story for a ren'py game i have ever heard even if the game about coldness it feels warm
- pretty good for a first game huh,
-i'm looking forward for any game you make
lastly i will give it 10/10 enjoyed it so much

that was weird but i recommend playing it
i thought it would be normal but it wasn't 
-dream speedrun music was something else hhhh
-actually i really hate he's laugh for real 
-the game freezes if you say the truth about writing 
-and both ends wasn't what i expected actually make me kinda sad 
in the end i gave this game 8/10

...well that was something its not a virus but i don't think there is a winning in this gam

i'm gonna play it because i see him really cut

i know she is hiding in my appdata (: 
but i will keep it

can you make it downloadable? just a request

i tried your game its pretty neat but there is one problem 
-(Reading is too hard in this game)
Clicks is sooo sensitive i mean when you finish reading and click once it well make it like 3 clicks and skip, i  think you should turn it off and make a skip button if you don't mind and thank you

english translate?

this looks really nice i will try it

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delet the white file next to the game called memory or something
and open the game

oh nice

no Eng?

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that wasn't bad at all , the art the music and the meaning ,
all that in like 2m damn 
i thought it was a joke but i don't think i regret playing it

by the way you got a new follower (: 4,5/5

really recommend it (from game jolt)

ما شاء الله
كنت ابي اسوي لعبة بعد بس فقدت الامل و صرت رسام

no english version?

this looks nice

this looks so nice but i don't understand thai but i will be waiting for eng version