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Can you use the default lighting normally?

Be sure that in the Ref [name]: section is "test" without quotes. Also I strongly recommend to use the newest comment syntax: [<light_name> -<setting_name> <value> ...], by this you can freely override any default settings as you want for individual light. For example, if you just want to modify the light  "test" radius and status, use [test -radius 120 -status off] instead of create a new custom light. 

Also be sure that the image are properly located in /img/lights/, you can check this by double click on the Image [.png] setting and see if it show the image.


Hello, can you describe more details about the situation? What others plugins are you using with? 

Check out the version 1.8.2

The tint parameter bug have been fixed in version 1.8.1 :D. Update the plugin and see if it work!

Try change the line 1110 to "this._spriteset.filters && this._spriteset.filters[1]" instead of "this._spriteset.filters[1]"

Hello, most bugs from plugin update is because of the new parameters in the Plugin Manager left blanked. You can try to check if there any. If the problem still insist, please provide the console image, and contact me though forums/discord, I will try my best to help :D

Hey. I doubt if it going to work with MZ3D, since both are conflict in term of graphics. The JABS should work fine! Give it a try, and report back if anything don't work!

The 1.4b version are out here, check it out!