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I mean they are clearly aged-18. It's even in the disclaimer I believe. Boy just wanting attention and is insistent on Yapping. Ignore the fool, and he'll go away like a needy ex.

new error. 

Everytime i try to install the new file. I get this error. I tried uninstalling previous patches and it still doesn't work.

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I rarely have issues if ever. It's on a J7sky android.


Wait! I never got my damn Minibar!!

I agree. This is a fun and interactive alternative.

Bravo! Bra-Focking-vo!! This is was an excellent experience to play through. The design caught me off guard. The UI was fluent, the story for the first chapter was just sweet and flowed well for a visual novel. Im amazed. Like genuinely amazed. I define going to recommend and review this for my server when the next chapter comes out. Also thanks for shouting out AK and GD I'm sure he appreciates more than I did.

There was little to no content in the demo. I know its not supposed to have the "full" game, but if you just going to give people a button click, then cookie smash is free and offers more. At leasr show hints of the content and option available to users with the full version. Will still gladly support work, but this just had an air of hesitation, laziness or protectively withholding engaging parts of the content people were looking to see.

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This what we've been waiting for!

I just wanted to say that I absolutely love this game and it's development. Once I found this game I was hooked to it. The indepth story. I love the pace, the Voice Acting, the lore. Just Italian Chefs to the team behind this 💋. I feel it's worth more than what I paid for, it's why I bought for both steam and itch.  🖤💎

Great Game, only issue so far I'm facing on the Android ver. is that the Dish Washing Mini-Game isn't responding to touch. A solution to that would help in progression and review.

hello SCC, First just want to say I really enjoy the game. Very fun, and play through it on my phone every time there is a new update. However, I decided to play the PC version today, and I'm having issues getting the Memories Code to work. I tried using the txt file with the code name in there, and saving in the same location as Innocent Witches.exe, but that didn't work. (Note I did make spelling was correct but copying and pasting it into the title.) Do you have any tips for how to remedy this, or am I just dumb and doing something wrong (lol)

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Will the Android Version be added here. I heard about through the grape vine, but I feel safer if it was included here if it official and does exist?

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Ty U!!!♡

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Dude, its an indie hentai game, don't hold it to the standard of triple A title with dedicated teams of multiple people working on a single. You got the update, just be happy it's free. It's fixes issues one at a time

I liked the difficulty with the bosses. Its a fun challenge, and while it take numerous tries. It's not Dark Souls Levels of Bogus. Combat is a bit jank, but I find it part of the charm. Defeated the all the boss so far with about 7 tries with Foxgirl and Catgirl total. Everyone else was no more than 2 or 3

Keep trying to buy the game on steam but say "Will be Released in April 2022."

Is that accurate because the demo say it ready for download

Having issues trying to load the Android Version. I have it Downloaded but keeping the "There was a Probelm parsing the Package" Error when I try to load the apk.  Any ideas why?