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Thanks! Also fun fact, this is canon to ONwS lmao

That's how I convert it to HTML lmao

If you're talking about Windows, Mac, and Linux ports. Those are set to come MUCH later in development.


It was on scratch for a bit, but I have since taken it down myself so people play THIS version instead of the scratch one.

Hmmst, I try and see what caused it

Real or in-game time?

Once again, the game is still in beta so there are a lot of things we have to do. Fortunately, fixing the original nights is one of them. So nights 1-3 were already gonna get revamped anyway.

We may or may not have something planned like that...


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I'm still trying to work on balancing night 2. My best advice is wait a few seconds before scaring Brian away, only Peter and Lois can kill you.

I'm gonna release a patch that should hopefully fix the broken code.

Discord server got deleted :(

Because why not? It expands upon the story


Lol nice

This mod just keeps getting better and better

true lol

So far, so good!

You didn't know that existed before?

It's out!

little bit late to the party, but I made this video showing off what is by far the best version of the mod. New floors, bug fixes, and of course the enhanced UI.

I can't wait to see where the mod heads next!

alright it's out if you're intrested!

I saw that, I'l have to make a video on it!


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No problem, and thank you for adding it to the BFNS gameplay playlist!

I really loved your mod dude, it was so polished and unique compared to other Baldi mods that I consider it to be the best mod. I can't wait for Alpha 6!

oh ok, my website account name is "shoo". Can you try to give the role to the correct account?

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I got accepted, but I don't know where to find the key. Nor do I even have the beta tester role on the site.

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honestly this topic became a trainwreck lol

Is there an official Discord server for BBTUD?

I agree, let's ban that fucker

Ah okay, thanks for clarifying

Idea: add a button on Android to enable cheats, pressing the screen for 15 seconds can get annoying

You're the one causing shit

How old are you then?

LMFAO mf sending links

I honestly cannot tell if you are a troll or a stupid child LOL