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Can't wait!!! <3 :D

I played the new update of Pamali to find all the endings! Is there presently any way to get into the locked rooms? Really curious as to what's behind those doors cuz i love finding secrets and Easter eggs! Here's ma video (I get attacked by a painting in it) :P if anyone's reading the comments to decide if they should play this game - do it. It's something really special!

I spent more than 2 hours in the demo just looking around and the attention to detail is amazing. I also had a different experience every time I played. I'll definitely buy the full game when it's released. You guys did a fantastic job!

Fantastic game that makes me want to end my life while playing it. Here's a link to my last will and testament video:  10/10 can't wait for future earrape updates 

Your game is truly amazing. Truth be told I never wanted to play Five Nights at Freddy's until I saw your VR remake and I've never played a FNAF game previously. Now I can safely say I'm a fan of the franchise. You know it's a good game you've developed when you can achieve something like that. Great job dude! Here's a video I made so you can see how much I enjoyed it

(Sorry for posting this on Gamejolt AND Itch. I didn't know which one you'd check first)

Great game guys! I'd definitely play the full game if you could beat your wife to death with the flashlight that has to be recharged every 30 seconds.